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Review: Honor View 20 with a 48mp camera and a Beautiful design


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Today Honor has announced the new Honor View 20 at an event in Paris, with only a few days into 2019, this year Honor is bringing a hole new idea of the notch that I’m going to call the punch hole.

Honor View series will be the flagship smartphone of the year for Honor, the Honor View 20 has almost all the new technologies or functions that have been known in the past year, such as: Link Turbo, GPU Turbo, liquid cooling technology, WLAN three antennas, TOF (Time of Flight) stereo deep lens , dual-frequency GPS, and the new 48 megapixel camera (Sony IMX586), 4.5V/5A fast charging.

Honor View 20

The cooling system has 9 layers of three-dimensional heat dissipation materials, equipped with a high-efficiency liquid cooling system to dissipate heat highly efficiently – ensuring improved performance.

In-screen Camera Design 25MP Front Camera with Hardware-based HDR

With technologies like Link Turbo, GPU Turbo, all are honoured by their own research and development. In the past year, they have indeed given consumers a lot of surprises.

48 Megapixel camera and TOF (Time of Flight) sensor

The Honor View 20 has a 6.4-inch (2310 x 1080) screen, TFT LCD (IPS), also with a 91.8% screen to body ratio with a resolution of 2310*1080 and with a PPI 398.

The Honor View 20 has almost reduced the footprint of the front camera area to the limit. The ultra-small aperture of 4.5mm is difficult to surpass. This not only greatly enhances the aesthetics of the front of the mobile phone, but also brings to the friends who use similar solutions. a lot of pressure.

Just as in 2018, people were smaller than the “notch” of their family and later evolved into “water droplets, pearls” and other programs. This Honor View 20 directly minimizes the new scheme that will be popularized in 2019. Easy, unless you give up the self-portrait quality of the front camera.

With the World’s 1st Aurora ‘nano’ texture with aurora effect to produce the ‘V’ light design, which is beautiful. The View 20 measures 156.9mm* 75.4mm* 8.1mm, available in three colours Midnight Black which is the colour I’m reviewing, Sapphire Blue and Phantom Blue.

The camera uses the Kirin 980, AI to help with the Super Night Shots and helps to the capture the night using the 4-in-1 Superpixels Artificial Image Stabilization.

Sapphire Blue and Midnight Black

The Honor View 20 adopts the arrangement scheme of the horizontal camera. In addition to the fingerprint identification module, there is only one Honor Logo in the back.

Headphone Jack on top of the Honor View 20

The top border of the screen is very narrow, so some sensors are placed on the top of the fuselage, such as distance sensor, infrared receiver, noise reduction microphone. The View 20 still retains a 3.5mm headphone jack, and some people are expected to cheer again.

Just as in 2018, people wanted smaller than the “notch” and later evolved into “water droplets, pearls” and other names. This Honor View 20 directly minimizes the new scheme that will be popularized in 2019. Easy, unless you give up the self-portrait quality of the front camera, with face unlocking using the front camera and fingerprint sensor on the back of the View 20 for easy unlocking.

The View 20 has an AI Video Editor that automatically complete videos with simple steps and add effects – it’s now more convenient than ever to share on any social platforms.

First, let’s look at its main camera, the 48-megapixel main camera, using the Sony IMX586. The camera’s sensor size is 1/2 inch, and the benefits of the sensor is you get much clearer details and better night shooting ability.

You can zoom into the hands on the clock face with no loss of detail

In the past, most mainstream mobile phones used (colour + black and white) schemes to add more detail capture and nighttime camera clarity; as well as the use of the (wide-angle + telephoto) scheme, it can get better daytime photo capabilities, let The photo layering is better. A little more powerful (colour + black and white + telephoto), directly into the photo.

The 48-megapixel camera used by the Honor View 20 is actually a combination of colour and black-and-white functions. With large photosensitive components and high-pixel assistance, not only can you collect more images, but even when you take pictures at night. You can also get more light into the light to improve the quality of the overall photo.

For the depth of field problem, just the TOF (Time of Flight) stereo deep-sensing lens comes in handy, it can get more comprehensive 3D stereo data, through the same algorithm can play the background blur effect of large aperture, even when taking pictures at close range, it gets The data can make the photos more layered, and the messier the picture, the more obvious it is.

12MP shot
Night shot

With added Stained Glass effect around the subject

The background blur effect is softer, and there is no smeared smudge. The outline of the focus object is clearer and the background is more natural. Night photography has always been very unfriendly to mobile phones, but this time the Honor View 20’s large pixels is still reliable.

Traffic Trails
Star Trails

The Honor View 20 is equipped with the Kirin 980 processor, this is a very powerful dual NPU processor. In addition to the basic game performance, the optimization of the whole Phone and the automatic matching of system resources are very good.

PUBG on the Honor View 20


Tested PUBG, Fortnite, AC Rebellion and Asphalt 9: Legends and a few more other games all tested with no problems in frame rate and battery life on the Honor View 20.

With the Honor View 20 adding a massive 4000mAh battery to this year model up from 3750mAh battery in the View 10, with over 7+ hours of on-screen using the new phone.

Many smartphones can produce video at 30 frames per second (fps). Honor View 20 raises slow-motion to a new level by offering 960 fps at 720p resolution, allowing you to capture precious moments in remarkable detail.

With Honor View 20’s auto-detect super slow-motion capability, you can easily detect moving people or objects and slow them down to create slow-motion videos that you’d expect at the cinema.

Video Samples

1080p at 60fps sample

1080p at 19.2:9

4K at 30fps

  • Charge 55% for half an hour
  • 95% in one hour
  • Fully used in about 75 minutes

AI Objects Identify when you are travelling, you can just scan the QR code to know what it is when you see an interesting building, castle or museum. Supports identification of landmarks, famous paintings, pets, flowers, celebrities, cars (Landmarks, only in British, French, Germany, Italy and Spain, more than 300 landmarks. Famous paintings (only in Europe, 100,000 paintings))
Can be used for Real-time Translation to say good-bye to language barriers when travelling abroad.


Front Camera Sample at 4:3 25MP (5760×43040)

The front 25megapixel camera in the top left on the Honor View 20, is a very good with 1080p FHD+ (19.2:9) 2304×1080, 1080p FHD (1920×1080) and 720p HD (1280×720) Video resolution. with the front camera, you can do AR lens, Portrait, Photo. All you can use the front camera to unlock your phone or use the fingerprint sensor on the back.

With this year flagship device from Honor this is going to be a beautiful year for all tech fans,” the stunning design of the back of the Honor View 20 is something to be seen”.

“This is the best phone that Honor has ever done”, it will be amazing to see what Honor can do next. The way Honor bringing a hole new idea like the punch hole camera on the front for the first time works very well indeed.



  •  Battery Life
  •  Amazing Camera
  •  Beautiful Design
  •  punch hole camera


  • No Wireless Charging



Available from tomorrow (23rd January) Carphone Warehouse, JLP, AO, Argos, Buy Mobiles, Go Mobile, Mobile Phones Direct, Tesco Mobile, Very and Honor UK, Amazon UK and more from £499.99.

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