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OnePlus takes fourth position in Western European


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New Counterpoint research released today shows that OnePlus has entered the top five for premium smartphone OEMs in Western Europe for the first time.

During Q2 2018 OnePlus was amongst the top five premium smartphone OEMs in France (#4), Germany (#4), Italy (#5), Netherlands (#4), Sweden (#3) and UK (#4) as well as across Western Europe (#4). The growth and success is down to the power of the OnePlus community, who helped to make the OnePlus 6 our most successful device to date.

OnePlus 6 was announced at an event in London earlier this year, it saw 1,500 people travel from around the world to see it unveiled. Since then the OnePlus 6 has seen a run of positive media reviews, complimenting it for design, speed and camera. It became the fastest ever selling OnePlus device with over 1m units sold in its first 22 days on sale.

When OnePlus has its fifth anniversary in December 2018 the company will be a far cry from its original aim of selling just 30,000-50,000 units of the OnePlus One. The company has seen great success by building a community of millions of fans, building consistently well reviewed devices, and now cementing itself as an established and growing part of the European smartphone market.

OnePlus has been in the headlines recently, with rumours swirling around a new device before the end of the year

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