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VOXI to sell mobile phones for the first time with new PayPal offer


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VOXI by Vodafone, the UK’s first mobile offering dedicated to customers aged 29 and under, has announced a unique new collaboration with PayPal that will give customers a more flexible and affordable way to purchase a smartphone with no upfront cost and 0% interest.

VOXI will give customers who want unlimited data for social media and the latest smartphone, the freedom to buy a phone without being tied into a lengthy mobile contract.  Offering low monthly instalments over 30 months for its range of smartphones via PayPal Credit, VOXI customers will have full control over their payment terms with the flexibility to make additional payments to reduce the length of term or pay off what’s left to get the newest upgrade. The new proposition will be available from October through

Crucially, the VOXI offer of Endless Social Media and no contract on all mobile plans will not change, allowing customers to purchase a phone without being tied into a mobile plan. They can pause, cancel or change their VOXI plan at any time and continue their flexible phone instalments with PayPal Credit.

Dan Lambrou, Head of VOXI, said: “We believe that young people should be able to access the latest technology and best deals as easily as everyone else. Flexibility is key to them as they move through different life stages; whether that’s college to University, starting work or taking a gap year. They’ve told us they can’t be tied down and data allowance is most important when choosing a mobile plan, and that is why VOXI and PayPal have come up with a solution to provide the freedom and flexibility that they need combined with Endless Social Media.”

Customers can purchase a range of affordable smartphones from Apple, Samsung, Huawei and Sony starting from £17 per month including a £10 VOXI plan. The new iPhone XS will be available from £49 per month including a £10 VOXI plan which includes Endless Social Media, 6GB of data, unlimited minutes and unlimited texts.

Additionally, through its collaboration with PayPal VOXI will be adding PayPal wallet as a new payment method for its mobile plans, providing more choice and control for our customers.

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