TechGadgetsAI Camera Wunder360 S1 Secured More than $800,000 Crowdfunding...

AI Camera Wunder360 S1 Secured More than $800,000 Crowdfunding Support


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In the past two months, Wunder360 S1 has attracted more than 7000 individual backers and unlocked eight stretch goals. Wunder360 S1 recently reached $800,000 in their crowdfunding campaign, which is almost 40 times of the original goal. The Wunder360 C1 provides consumers with high-end professional-grade camera technology, high image quality and feature-rich enhancements unmatched by other offerings on the market today.

Plus, the camera’s 360-degree capturing does away with the extremely limiting viewfinders and lens angles of traditional cameras

The Wunder360 S1 AI camera, a dual-lens 360°camera with 3D reconstruction, real-time in-camera stitching, and deep learning AI technology that allows AR/VR developers to easily develop 3D content.

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