Dontnod Entertainment might be better known for coming up with the popular Life is Strange game, but it has also released other unique games, such as the aptly named Remember Me (character trying to regain her memories) game. It seems that the developer is very fond of games about memories, since the recently announced Twin Mirror is also about a man trying to jog his memory.

The purpose of the demonstration build was to introduce players to the main feature of Twin Peak called Mind Palace. As main character, Sam, wakes up with a serious hangover in his hotel room, he realises that he must quickly recall the events of the previous night. Confined within the walls of a hotel room, it’s down to players to help Sam find clues that will help jog his memory.

This leads to the use of the Mind Palace which is an abstract place that makes up a physical representation (presumably for benefit of players) of Sam’s memories. He can then choose a specific memory and make use of clues found in the real world to create a simulation of the memory until it looks right. Since this particular scene seemed like the full game’s tutorial, it was fairly easy to find the solution, but it definitely felt like the use of more variables to come up with all kinds of memory simulations could present players with some worthy challenges in other situations.

The Mind Palace itself looks like a very unusual location and makes for quite the unique representation of someone’s mind. As Sam walks through this bizarre place he finds himself presumably recalling memories from other times.

It’s not just clues that Sam will be looking for in the real world to help him remember the events of the previous night. He can also interact with some of the objects scattered around his room and the outcome of these interactions will affect the course of the story. Only one such event is included in the playable build, but it seemed like the action picked by players will have serious consequences in the full game. Given the complexity and sometimes unexpected outcomes of some of the choices presented in Life is Strange, it certainly seems promising to see how choices in this game will affect its story.

Whilst the use of the tools at Sam’s disposal was fairly straightforward, it still leaves plenty of room for the development team to introduce more complex ways to make use of them.

Those that are into collectibles will be pleased to know that there are hidden comic books scattered in every episode of Twin Mirror. Collecting them all will result in being able to read the whole story. Like Life is Strange, Twin Mirror will also consist of individual episodes with a new one released digitally on a regular basis.

Although Sam’s manifestation of what is possibly his conscience only appears briefly, it’s a perfect example as to why Twin Mirror has stood out ever since its existence was revealed to the world. Even in the brief time spent playing the demo, it was clear that Dontnod don’t intend for this to be a simple murder mystery. The various ideas that Sam also comes up with to aid him when he is in need also imply that he might have gone through some tough periods in his life. Whilst the focus was on what happened the night before and why Sam’s shirt was heavily stained with blood, it is also interesting to wonder how Sam came about relying on such unique abilities.

Hopefully the full game will be willing to reveal more about Sam and his life prior to the events of the game. For now there is no denying that Twin Mirror is a game that has the potential to captivate players in a similar manner to the likes of Life is Strange and even Alan Wake.