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Parrot ANAFI: New firmware and software update


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ANAFI, the next generation drone from Parrot, was released onto the market in June 2018. Since then, thousands of people have had the opportunity to film and take pictures of beautiful landscapes, enjoy incredible adventures and important moments, all with a unique bird’s-eye view.

Following user feedback, Parrot has developed a major free update that includes an ANAFI firmware and Skycontroller 3 remote control update and a FreeFlight 6 app with an optimised interface.

The update includes:
– Setting the Smart Return Home minimum altitude (RTH);
– Improved video streaming for Android smartphones;
– Videos and photos can now be downloaded in the FreeFlight 6 app media gallery with all iOS and Android smartphones;
– More intuitive alerts for warning users when a specific action is required, allowing users to further understand the drone’s functions.

In addition, this software update also includes a new photo and video features and access to accurate imaging settings.

List of improvements:

ANAFI’s new features and improvements: Fly Safely

Customised Return Home altitude
This next generation drone is equipped with a Smart Return Home (RTH) feature. If the battery level is low or if the dedicated button on the controller is pressed, ANAFI flies back autonomously to its GPS departure point. Users can now set the Smart Return Home altitude (20 to 100m) in order to safely adapt the ANAFI to its surroundings.

New alerts
To help users better understand ANAFI’s functioning, the alert system has been improved. The smartphone in use will now vibrate when a specific action is immediately required. Example alerts include: full SD card; weak GPS signal; a geo-fencing alert; gimbal dysfunction and forced landing.

ANAFI’s new features and improvements: Capture photography and video footage like a pro with all new, easy-to-use features

2.7K video resolution
In addition to the 4K or Full HD image resolution, ANAFI offers a 2.7K resolution (2704 x 1520). This allows great image quality and simplifies the post-production editing process with easy to export files. These files can also be shared easily on social networks.

Hyperlapse video mode 240x
Create impressive Hyperlapse videos with a speed of up to x240! Perfect for filming sunsets and delivering incredible results.

Burst photo mode
Burst mode captures ten photos over one second. This is ideal for shooting moving scenes and selecting the perfect shot.

Bracketing photo mode
ANAFI’s sensor (21MPx) takes several shots of the same scene using different exposure values (-3 ;-2 ; 0 ; +1 ; +2 ; +3). This mode is perfectly suited to scenes with complex light such as backlight. Users can test different exposures and check the results in the media gallery of the FreeFlight 6 app.

Exposure lock (AE-L)
It is now possible to lock the exposure over the full screen. This is perfect for panoramic shots as the entire picture benefits from a consistent light.

Semi-auto exposure mode
Thanks to Pro mode, users can access camera settings, such as: shutter speed, ISO and white balance. One of these settings can be adjusted manually whilst the rest are automatically set by the ANAFI. This mode allows users to better understand the impact of settings on a shot and help them, step by step, to switch from the Auto mode to the Pro mode.

Auto mode highlighted live
To help improve photography skills, the shutter speed and ISO sensitivity selected automatically by the ANAFI’s camera are highlighted live on the FreeFlight 6 app.

Image adjustments
Image adjustments offer advanced image settings including saturation, contrast and sharpness.

The FreeFlight 6 v6.1 and ANAFI v1.1 software updates are available to download from August 28th. Please update the FreeFlight 6 app from the AppStore or Google Play Store and follow the update process.

The Software update includes improvements on existing features, improves the drone’s reliability and enhances ANAFI’s performance, allowing a better user experience.
It is important to have the FreeFlight 6 app up-to-date and to install software updates.

ANAFI is priced at £629.99 and is available to buy in selected consumer electronics retailers, and on and

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