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KODAK Smart Security Systems launches into UK Smart Home Market


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KODAK Smart Security Systems has today officially launched a range of smart home security systems in the UK. Initially available are a range of IP full HD outdoor and indoor motorised cameras and sensor systems. Bringing to market a new range of products, KODAK Smart Security Systems is enabling customers to create their own secure home network that can be controlled and viewed directly through the free to download, KODAK Security mobile app.

Available immediately from Amazon and, the EP101WG (Outdoor Camera) is priced at RRP £169.99 while the IP101WG (Indoor Camera) comes in a range of kits – the standalone camera RRP £129.99, the starter kit RRP £149.99 and the premium kit RRP £199.99.


Launched by licensee Liz Invest the KODAK Smart Security System cameras are the first in a range of products with some unique features and add-ons. The indoor Starter and Premium kits include the IP101WG Indoor IP full HD, motorised camera alongside additional security sensors. The Starter Kit comes with one door sensor and a remote control while the Premium Kit comes with two door sensors, one motion sensor and a remote control. The outdoor EP101WG is encased in a dome, ensuring it’s waterproof and weather protected for use in any environment.  

Each camera can be remotely controlled by the KODAK Security app, available for both Android and iOS smartphones, which also enables them to preset three sensor positions when added to their IP101WG or EP101WG camera. If one sensor is triggered, the camera will automatically turn to the corresponding sensor.  Up to six sensors can be added to either camera.

Both the IP101WG and EP101WG cameras deliver amazing 1080p full HD quality video directly to your smartphone or tablet.  Using the app, users can control the pan and tilt of the camera enabling them to view anyone in the perimeter of their home or to watch activity within a specific room.  In addition, the indoor camera has two-way audio, meaning it can be used as a parental camera for child or pet locations – while the outdoor camera contains a mic which records audio alongside the video. Recordings can be saved onto an internal SD card or can be linked to a Google Cloud account – all without the need for additional subscriptions.

“Bringing these KODAK smart home products to market adds weight to the industry,” said David Haddad, CEO, KODAK Smart Security Systems.  “KODAK is renowned for quality products that deliver great visual results. Our cameras and sensors are among a suite of smart home systems that we’ll be bringing to market via our retail and online partners throughout 2018 and into early 2019. It’s an exciting time for KODAK Smart Security Systems and we’re looking forward to securing many UK homes over the next year or two.”

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