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HyperX Sponsors Largest Student Games Festival


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Hyper X has today announced its partnership with Brains Eden, the UK’s largest international student games jam. Brains Eden is celebrating a decade of success this year in inspiring and encouraging the skills of some of the most talented games students from universities all over the world.

The UK’s largest student gaming festival is hosted at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge and will take place from Friday 13th July to Monday 16th July, with the games jam set to be an action-packed 48 hours.


HyperX is passionate about bringing the education sector and the gaming industry together, and Brains Eden is the ideal event to help forge this link. HyperX will be among other top companies in the industry at the event, collaborating with students, providing insight into the various career paths available within the industry, and encouraging them to showcase their individual talents, creativity and enthusiasm.


Ben Malka, Influencer Marketing Manager, at HyperX EMEA comments, “Brains Eden is the perfect platform for both students and companies to celebrate the talent and growth of the gaming industry. We are thrilled to be sponsoring Brains Eden for its 10th anniversary, and after hearing about the impressive creations and talent exhibited last year, we cannot wait to see what the 2018 festival will bring.”


Representatives from HyperX will be getting involved in a multitude of activities during the course of the weekend, including: mentoring university teams throughout the games jam, hosting an industry expert talk for the students, exhibiting its own booth at the careers and recruitment clinic, and lastly, presenting the lucky winners of the ‘HyperX Best-In-Class’ award with prizes. The winning team will take home some of HyperX’s award-winning gaming gear, in addition to having the opportunity to discuss internship and graduate opportunities with the company.


Dr Apurba Kundu, Acting Dean of Anglia Ruskin University’s Faculty of Arts, Law and Social Sciences, Anglia Ruskin University says, “Every year for 10 years now, Brains Eden has celebrated and empowered aspiring games artists and developers. It’s humbling to see how passionate students are in applying their knowledge, skills and expertise to this immersive games challenge. The involvement of games professionals, like Hyper X, provides a crucial industry input; ensuring Brains Eden prepares the next generation for the most rigorous demands of the games industry in Cambridge and beyond”.

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