TechGadgetsWelcome to the Wunder360 pocket-sized 360 livestream camera

Welcome to the Wunder360 pocket-sized 360 livestream camera


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Wunder360 has unveiled the most advanced live streaming camera on the market for those looking for professional results at a highly competitive priced at €189,00.

Surprisingly affordable Wunder360 C1 is the ultimate gadget for the British festival season.  Lightweight and pocket-sized, this clever gadget’s free Wunder360 App and 5G Wifi band allows for quick and easy, on the go-live streaming of footage onto Facebook or YouTube.  Wunder360 C1 packs a whole festival of features into a cool, compact camera.

In addition, to live streaming, the Wunder360 C1 includes a whole suite of features to allow the user to produce professional photographs and cinematic videos.  Integrated ViewPilot and SmartTrack software introduce a unique ‘shoot first, a frame later’ option and, innovative onboard technology including spherical, fisheye and stitching means that no extra post-production software is required.


Centre stage

The Wunder360 C1 uses the latest computer vision technologies to produce 3K videos and 4K photographs and, the Inbuild 6 Axis Gyro Stabilization system means that 360-degree video footage is smooth and shake-free every time for a professional result.

This nifty gadget allows for easy reframing, angle options and sharing at the touch of a button allowing festival goers to produce their own personal show.  The Wunder360 also allows users to follow an object within the frame, leaving the app to automatically generate a video clip – As with a gimbal, the followed object will always remain in the centre of the frame.

The Phantom Clipper feature captures every action in crystal clear 360° detail to allow users to make sure they don’t miss a thing.  Revolutionary technology allows for professional frame by frame editing and seamless video which can be quickly and easily edited, shared and stored.

Wunder360 is supported by an amazing Free App and most actions will be processed via that App, which can be downloaded onto a smartphone from the App store or Google store.

Chris Hare
Chris Hare
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