With Fathers day coming up very soon on the 17th June, with Boombocs doesn’t compromise on style or sound – neither should your Dad.

Spoil him this Father’s Day with Boombocs, letting him enjoy his favourite tracks from the vibrant wireless speaker.

Derived from the retro styling of the original portable speaker, this gift comes with a nostalgic element allowing your Dad the opportunity to tell you all his stories from the 80s when the first ‘Boom Box’ was released. Now a modern-day classic, BoomBocs produces uncompromising audio excellence to create an optimum listening experience for the most style-conscious Dads.

Designed in Brixton and handcrafted in England, BoomBocs is built by sound engineers with years of experience and comes in a variety of colours – from classic black to vibrant yellow – choose a look that works for you.

The only downside is you might have to listen to Dad’s ‘golden oldies’ for the whole of Father’s Day – we know he’ll be singing his heart out!

Available for £699 from www.boombocs.co.uk