GamingReview: Thrust master Y-350CPX Far Cry 5 Edition Headset

Review: Thrust master Y-350CPX Far Cry 5 Edition Headset


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This will be my first time actually testing out a headset from Thrustmaster, previously I have used their racing wheels and flight game accessories but never one of their headsets. Following my review of Far Cry 5 I was given the opportunity to finally do just that with the Far Cry 5 Special Edition Thrustmaster Y-350 CPX.


  • High-performance microphone:unidirectional, detachable and adjustable. Designed to target the player’s voice only, for the most effective communication with teammates, and the least amount of interference.
  • Y Sound Commander unit forcustomizable control of the integrated 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound technology, an on/off mic switch, and the ability to toggle hearing your own voice through the headset on or off.
  • 60 mm/2.36” driversfor the most powerful bass available in the console gaming market.
  • Memory foam cushions for effective passive isolation, combined with electronic bass boost built into the controller, providesdouble electro-acoustic bass amplification.
  • Professional-grade fit and finish with memory foam cushions, noise-reducing foam microphone cover and a red, white and blue braided cable.

What is in the box?

Final Thoughts

I will say that straight out of the box I really liked the design of this headset and especially the strength of the band holding the cups. Unlike other headsets I own, I really appreciated the rigidity of the band preventing that annoying creaky noise others can have. The memory foam build of the ear cups made them very comfortable as well, even during the rather long playing sessions I tend to have across both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. I also really like the sensible branding the headset has for Far Cry 5, with the American flags on either side of the bands above the ear phones being very striking but never feeling over the top including the symbols for the ‘People of Eden’s Gate’ cult on the inside of each ear speaker fabric. It also never felt too heavy for long term use and the memory foam build of the ear phones meant they never overheated which I personally find can be an issue with powered headsets.

Unlike other powered headsets which can require batteries to power them, this headset focuses all that into the Y Commander Inline dongle, which is charged via a micro USB cable that is included with the headset. Will warn that the USB cable provided is relatively short though but as I choose to charge the headset overnight by utilizing the front USB ports of my PS4 with the Y Sound Commander dongle sitting on top of the console, this was not an issue which is another handy feature as the headset itself needs to plug into the Sound commander to make use of its features so you can disconnect it and charge it separate from the main headset itself. It can take up to three hours to fully charge the sound commander from empty but the charge for me lasted close to eight hours of headset use before needing to be recharged.

The sound is also very impressive for this price range when using the 7.1 virtual surround sound boost from the sound commander which is great when playing shooters to gauge the direction of enemy fire not just in Far Cy 5 but in FPS titles like Battlefield 1, CoD WW2, Destiny 2 and was especially useful when playing PUBG on Xbox One. Bass can be adjusted using the control dial on the right of the sound commander which can bring explosions in game to life but for me it really enriched the soundtrack to games such as God of War on PS4 and Assassin’s Creed Origins on Xbox One. I did find I had to use both the PS4 and Xbox One own audio settings to adjust sound levels to get the right balance for the headset but this was mainly to set the limit of the master volume.

The one drawback this headset has however is in the microphone which despite being very clear for party chat and streaming, resulted in my voice coming across as very tinny to the point that I kept being asked if I was using a voice changer. The microphone arm is detachable from the headset so if you simply use headsets to enhance audio effects and music then it can be removed. Initially on testing the headset I again had to use both consoles own audio settings to adjust the microphone level, but could not adjust enough to solve the problem of how it made my voice sound to others compared to other headsets which was a shame.

Overall for this price point the Thrustmaster Y-350CPX is a nifty headset if you are like me and play across various platforms so comes in very handy to have a quality headset that can work across gaming consoles and PC if you game that way. It will even work with the Nintendo Switch thanks to the included adapter as well as tablets though I mainly used the headset to enhance the sound when watching Twitch streams or Youtube videos on the tablet. I like the understated branding decals on it but if you are not a fan of Far Cry 5 there is a standard version of the Y-350CPX that comes with normal visuals. The Y Sound Commander manages all the features with easy to use switches and level dials to adjust master volume and bass and to turn off the microphone or 7.1 boosted sounds and it never felt in the way thanks to the length of the cables.

It may not rank up there with the expensive range of headsets available and certainly sits in the middle range price point, having a good robust headset that works across all platforms and focuses on a sensible control system via the Sound Commander dongle has made this my go to headset right now.

Sean McCarthy
Sean McCarthy
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