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UK Start-up Set to Rock the Market with High-end Wireless Speaker Launch


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BoomBocs launches its first high-powered wireless speaker, delivering premium audio performance alongside an edgy urban design. Designed in Brixton by sound engineer Jonny Williams, the new BoomBocs BRX v2.0 speaker starts at £699 and is available in blue, red, black, orange, grey, white, green and yellow.

This home-grown, hand-built speaker system is a totally original nostalgic/classic yet vibrant design married with the latest tech. With wireless and analogue auxiliary socket outputs, BoomBocs allows you to listen to great music both streamed or stored on any compatible device. Go anywhere with up to 20 hours of playback time provided by its rechargeable battery, cost at £99.

The wireless receiver uses state-of-the-art technology to offer audio quality superior to that of CD. The system’s hand-finished casing is designed around 200W of Class-D digital amplification meaning music is delivered with minimal distortion, even at higher volume levels.

BoomBocs was founded by sound engineer Jonny Williams, who until recently spent most of his career on tour with bands. When he wasn’t touring, he decided to use his free time to design a better way to listen to music with a speaker that not only got attention from its original looks, but a sound quality that did justice to his favourite tracks.

Designed and built by highly skilled audio specialists using original manufacturing methods and machinery, BoomBocs prides itself in the highest standards in cabinet design and speaker component sourcing. With an uncompromising passion for excellence, the company produces premium grade audio to be heard as the artist intended.

Chris Hare
Chris Hare
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