In celebration of this year’s most anticipated royal event, Hasbro has today introduced The Royal Lost Kitties, the limited edition couple created to celebrate the launch of their brand new collectibles range Lost Kitties.

These adorable regal kitties, are the only figures of their kind in existence, and bear a striking resemblance to the upcoming royal newly-weds, recreating particular details such as the engagement ring and groomsman outfit, as the pair are joined in holy catrimony.

They are the rarest collectibles arriving in the UK to celebrate the global launch of Lost Kitties, the adorable collection of mischievous kitties. Each can be found hiding inside a carton of compound, which can be used to create more play for their kitties. The Lost Kitties collectibles will be available from 01 June 2018, with up to 100 characters to collect throughout the year and discover who’s hiding inside!  They each have their own mischievous interests and are part of eight Lost Kitties “squads” which features a group of characters with similar playful personalities including the #Nomz, #Cattitude, #WorkinIt, #ifIfits, #Adorbs, #ScaredyCats, #Cathletic and #NotFelineIt.

The one-of-a-kind Royal Lost Kitties will not be available to purchase but could be found today taking part in their own wedding tour round Windsor, taking in the iconic and majestic Windsor Castle and surrounding area.