SOEDESCO revealed that the fast-paced Real Time Strategy game 8-Bit Armies is coming to PS4 and Xbox One on the 21st of September, both digitally and physically. A physical PC version will also be released on this date.

The eagerly awaited action-strategy title was made by the Command & Conquer era veterans at Petroglyph.

8-Bit Armies is a tribute to classic RTS games and is suitable for existing fans and new players of the genre seeking a friendly approach to strategy gaming. With a colourful, blocky voxel art style, the game is accessible to anyone regardless of experience.


  • Play with easy to understand military units and structures
  • Obliterate your enemies in a variety of colorful, destructible maps
  • Complete 40 single-player missions and 12 co-op missions
  • Compete in online multiplayer with up to five other players or AIs

Enjoy easy controls that are perfectly adapted to consoles

The game is further enhanced with an all-original soundtrack from Command & Conquer music composer Frank Klepacki, which is reminiscent of some of his greatest hits from previous Westwood Studios RTS games.