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Hive introduces GU10 spotlights and integration with Philips Hue


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Hive has announced their existing range they have recently introduced Hive Light Dimmable GU10 spotlights, which are smart LED downlights you can control from anywhere, whatever your mood, whatever the room, with just a tap on the Hive app. On top on this, Philips Hue lightbulbs also now fully integrate with Hive devices too, giving customers even more choice and freedom at home.

Easy to install and set-up, simply replace an existing halogen downlight with the long-lasting LED smart bulbs and pair with the Hive Hub 360 to control via the dedicated Hive app. With just one tap, you can adjust individual lights to create different moods for each room or control groups of spotlights so if you are dashing out the door you can turn all your lights off in one go.

Whilst away you can give yourself a little extra peace of mind, by setting up lighting schedules to make it look like you are in. Or, you can have your home come to life around you by setting your lights to respond to night and day so as the sun goes down, your lights go up.

All Hive Lights are fully integrated with other Hive devices such as the sensors, enabling you to set up Hive Actions in the app so you can get your hall lights to turn on automatically when you walk through the front door, perfect for when your hands are full and you can’t get to the app.

The new smart spotlights help you to personalise lighting at home to meet your needs, so whether it is making dark mornings more bearable with soft lighting or creating the perfect warm ambience for a romantic dinner, they are a great way of making your home cosy.

The bulbs are available to purchase from today in packs of 6 or 10 and individually, helping make the home both smarter and brighter.

Prices start from £15 for an individual bulb, grouping functionality for Android will be live from tomorrow (Tuesday 17th April).

Chris Hare
Chris Hare
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