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The New and Improved My Fairy Garden


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With My Fairy Garden, children can imagine, create, nurture and grow their own fairy garden.

My Fairy Garden is a collectable girl’s range that encourages interaction with nature through play. The kits offer children a delightful experience of imaginative open-ended play whilst discovering the magic of growing real plants.

There are cute little flowerpot fairy homes, fairy doors to place in your house to allow fairies to enter and Fairy Tale stories to encourage children’s imaginations! Make your child’s bedroom an enchanted place with these magical toys!

What’s in the box?

Each box contains everything you need to start your own Fairy Garden.

Follow the activity guide to learn how to create a beautiful living fairy garden with the grass seeds provided.

Fairy Garden is a Grow & Play play set that includes everything you need to make Fairy Belle and her mouse friend feel at home; just add imagination and a little sprinkling of the fairy dust!

Grass seeds are provided to create a beautiful living garden for your fairy and her mouse companion.

The kit comes with a shell water feature, washing line, mushroom, plastic flowers and gravel for a path.

Add more features by making your own garden furniture out of recycled materials.

Fairy Garden is available now priced £14.99.

Just one of the many collectible My Fairy Garden kits available from Interplay.

You can learn more from the My Fairy Garden website.

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