Seoul is the city of LEGION, with the help of the agents in their basic ARK, it comes back to Seoul to end the occupation of LEGION. The Gremlin engineer manages the laboratory R & D. Gremlin applies its ingenious malice on all machines to create some of the most deadly weapons of AGENTS OF MAYHEM like Gutterball Gun that blows away anything obstacles on its path with a storm electrified balls giants or Cabbit Bomb that turns your enemies cabbit in explosives. The crazy weapons Gremlin can be found hidden in the city’s cache, even if its devices are not tested or often better safe out there, are a guarantee of chaos and fun.

While fighting Dr. Babylon and defeat his lieutenants, the power to LEGION in Seoul will weaken. Locate and eliminates the patrols of LEGION, destroy loads with supplies, unless the scientists taken hostage or attacks and captures one of the main LEGION outposts and uses the Intel acquired to locate all other nearby activities LEGION. Dr. Babylon will not stand just to look, but will send troops to respond to attacks, strengthen its outposts, barricades, mines and more – fighting back in a truly evil style putting you in hot pursuit one of his minions to attack with devastating weapons !