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BATTLEZONE 98 REDUX launches on Mac and the iPad today


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BATTLEZONE 98 REDUX ODYSSEY EDITION, that includes both BATTLEZONE 98 REDUX and its massive expansion THE RED ODYSSEY, is out NOW on the App Store for Mac and iPad.

BATTLEZONE 98 REDUX and THE RED ODYSSEY are also out now on Steam for Mac! Windows PC users who previously bought BATTLEZONE 98 REDUX content on Steam will now be able to play it on Mac for free.
Retaining the original’s iconic blend of first-person action and real-time strategy that made it a fan favourite, BATTLEZONE 98 REDUX delivers lovingly remastered visuals, carefully preserved old-school gameplay and online multiplayer for 2-8 players, as well as extensive mod support* and a classically tough game to beat!
Big Boat Interactive’s remaster has also been tailored for iPad, delivering an authentically retro user interface designed for touchscreen, a choice of control systems, optional tilt controls, Game Center support and more.

*Mod support isn’t available on iPad, and mod creation tools aren’t available on iPad and Mac.

▪ 4 explosive singleplayer campaigns, set across 48 missions and 8 planetary environments
▪ Competitive online multiplayer for 2-8 players*
▪ Cross-platform multiplayer across PC & Mac
▪ Re-modelled, high-polygon vehicles, buildings and terrain
▪ Upgraded lighting, shadows, and improved particle effects
▪ Steam Workshop support for mods (only available on Steam)

BATTLEZONE 98 REDUX ODYSSEY EDITION is available now, priced £9.99 on iPad and £18.99 on Mac. BATTLEZONE 98 REDUX is also out now on Steam for Mac, priced £14.99.

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