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Review: FFXV Episode Prompto


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Playing through the main campaign story of Final Fantasy XV, I found myself being far more curious about the trio of friends travelling with Noctis than the prince himself. Thankfully the DLC for FFXV looks to solve their mysteries by filling some of the blanks to their back story and enhancing the whole Final Fantasy XV experience. First we learned more about Gladiolus and now it is time to learn more about the quiet member of the group….Prompto.

Prompto was the one character that stood out the most for me with FFXV. He used comedy to hide his insecurities; he was shy around women yet intensely loyal to his friends and would do anything to protect them no matter what. But there was always something about him as a character that intrigued me, the one who gave the sense that there was more to his story that deserved to be explained to better understand him as a character. During the main campaign there are moments where Noctis is separated from his friends, Episode Prompto shows what happened when Prompto is thrown from a train and finds him in the snow, alone and lost.

Just as with Episode Gladiolus, this content is incredibly short at just shy of two hours completion time. It does open a couple of extra modes to do once it has been completed such as a time trial and ‘Intensive Training’ but overall, this can be finished in one sitting. But as a fan of the main story and Prompto Character, it is an entertaining two hours from a story point of view thanks to the cinematic cutscenes that do fill in the blanks which for me personally, did change the way I viewed Prompto as a character in this game.

The gameplay is a little hit and miss for me due to the use of guns because of Prompto’s combat style. Equipped with a blade for close up fighting and a pistol but you can pick up a rocket launcher, assault rifle and sniper rifle during the story. Sadly this side to the gameplay also highlights the good and bad of the main game’s combat. It can be very clunky at times, often feeling far clumsier in battle than precision fighting. Aiming down sights with a gun felt natural for Prompto but after using weapons and magic as Noctis in the main campaign and then Gladiolus, becoming more of a third person shooter for Prompto was a little off. For me it was then compounded when Prompto is joined by a second character who serves as a helper in battle for the latter parts of the content, which annoyingly kept finishing off enemies in a fight before I could.

Now I do not want to spoil the story here too much as it is worth playing if you are a fan of both character and FFXV, but I will say that it does reach further than just giving Prompto a back story. The character Ardyn appears, continuing his puppeteer trick of setting up situations and events by appearing to Prompto and both taunting and pushing him into taking action once Prompto is captured and taken to a mysterious research facility. Collectibles can be found throughout from company memos to audio recordings, explaining what has been going on in the research facility that will help explain certain aspects in the main game which is a nice touch. But overall, though this will offer a limited open world aspect midway through where Prompto can go off script exploring the wilderness on a snowmobile and do a few side quests, two hours length does feel right for this content and explains why the cost of this DLC outside the Season Pass is very cheap at £4.99.

If you have completed the main campaign of Final Fantasy XV and want to experience some more story than these character episodes are a great way and reason to revisit the game. Learning more about the world and the band of brothers is rewarding via these DLC Episodes is fun and worthwhile and whilst short, they do exactly what they are designed to do and does it well. Sadly the next and final Episode: Ignis, teased its release as December this year, which is a terribly long time to wait for what could be a very short DLC if it stays in line with both Prompto’s and Gladiolus’ content.

At a very low price this is definitely worth playing through for fans, some niggles but overall a very enjoyable extra bit of story for FFXV.


+ Nice to learn more about Prompto
+ Fills in holes in main campaign story
- Very short
- Clumsy Combat
(Reviewed on Xbox One, also available on PlayStation 4)
Sean McCarthy
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