RIVA Audio, the brand of Audio Design Experts, Inc (ADX), has announced today the integration of Spotify Connect with the brand’s award-winning RIVA WAND (Wireless Audio Network Design) Series of speakers.

Premium subscribers will enjoy the flexibility of choosing their favourite songs or stations from the millions of tracks available on Spotify, and will appreciate the simplicity of playing the music on any of their WAND speakers networked throughout the home. The music streams directly to the speakers from the Internet the app just controls the selection—providing a high quality signal that makes the most of the audio capabilities of RIVA’s Trillium technology in speakers like the RIVA ARENA and RIVA FESTIVAL. The user can even to take a phone call without interrupting the music. Spotify and RIVA’s WAND simply make for a perfect duo.

Started in 2008, Spotify has quickly become one of the world’s top music services* making it a perfect fit with RIVA Audio and the company’s new Wi-Fi speakers. The app is available for most modern devices in Europe, the Americas, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Spotify Premium offers close to 30 million tracks, and users can browse, create or share playlists of friends, artists and celebrities.

“This is a marriage made in music heaven,” says Rikki Farr, Founder and Chief Creative Officer of RIVA Audio.

RIVA Audio’s award-winning RIVA WAND Series is a customizable and easy-to-use multi-room “+” wireless audio system that combines the freedom to deliver high-fidelity audio to every room or outdoor location with the flexibility to play from any networked or local source. RIVA’s WAND Series features the compact ARENA and full-range tabletop FESTIVAL speakers. Utilizing RIVA’s patented Trillium technology and unique audio design, the WAND series is perfect for Spotify music enthusiasts who demand an audio experience that’s as close to live as it gets. Users can enjoy more freedom thanks to a multitude of connectivity options including WI-FI, Bluetoot, AirPlay and DLNA and can stream seemingly unlimited audio content from Spotify Connect and others. Last but not least, WAND’s integrated Away Mode, water resistance and optional battery pack combine with Spotify’s offline mode to give you the freedom to listen to your music anywhere; no Wi-Fi required. The WAND series’ features and performance have attracted numerous awards from media outlets and trade associations, including the prestigious CES 2017 Innovation Honoree Award, CTA’s CES 2017 Mark of Excellence Award, Residential System’s 2016 CEDIA Best of Show Award, TWICE’s CEDIA 2016 Best of Show Award, Innovation & Tech Today’s Editor’s Choice Award and the TWICE CES 2017 Pick Award, since its introduction at CEDIA 2016 and CES 2017 and will soon be available to impress consumers at RIVA Audio retailers and rivaaudio.com.

RIVA’s WAND Series speakers will be available in black with a titanium grill, or white with a silver grill. The ARENA will sell for £225 and FESTIVAL for £449. The optional ARENA battery pack will be available in black or white and will sell for £89. For more information about RIVA Audio or to locate an authorized RIVA Audio dealer in your area, please visit www.rivaaudio.co.uk or 844-GET RIVA.

You can download the Spotify App for free on Spotify.com, from Google Play or the iTunes App store. Spotify Premium is a subscription service available for £9.99 per month that allows you to play any song, eliminate ads, improve audio quality bitrates, and even listen to music in offline mode.