Family Two Minute Review : Hape Monkey Pop-Up Track

Two Minute Review : Hape Monkey Pop-Up Track


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It’s time for another two minute review: the Monkey Pop-Up Track from Hape.

Three monkeys hide in the jungle just waiting for their chance at snatching a banana treat. Watch as they hop out just as the banana car passes!

The Monkey Pop-Up Track contains 7 separate pieces that you put together – it only takes a few seconds to do that.

The three monkeys click into place ready to pop-up!

The car goes along the track and makes the monkey’s pop-up!

You can add additional pieces of track to make it bigger if you wish.

The Monkey Pop-Up Track from Hape is a very simple, yet extremely fun toy for children aged 18 months and over. There are small pieces which is why you shouldn’t give it to a child under 18 months old.

The track encourages imaginative play, creativity and helps to develop planning and logic skills.

It’s available now from Debenhams priced £15.

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