This coming week will see the latest themed tables DLC content for Zen Pinball and this time Zen Studios have partnered with Bethesda Studios to bring three of their most iconic games to the world of Pinball. DOOM, Fallout and Skyrim have all been adapted and turned into amazing and thrilling Pinball tables and I was more than excited to see them in action after enjoying the Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Alien themed DLC packs earlier this year.

DOOM Table:

First up we have what for me was the best shooter of 2016 in DOOM, and boy have Zen Studios brought that same brutality and in your face impact to this pinball table. Visually it captures everything about the 2016 rebooted game with a great table design and decals that immediately put in the player in the DOOM mindset starting with the launcher being the iconic chain saw. With sounds taken right from the game itself for the bumpers, point targets and loops, everything about this first table in the pack just makes each game something special for fans. The mini games and combo runs are a definite theme with this DLC pack and you can see how much the games main games themselves inspired these tables. Having that hard hitting and tempo pounding backing music as you play is a real thrill with this table.

Fallout Table:

Much like the DOOM table, this recreation of the world set in Fallout 4 faithfully begins with the Vault opening and I just loved the extra touch of allowing the player to either create their own player or go with a random right before you launch your first ball. Using a Pipboy helps get you right in the mood to play this table and with all the points using the same font and colour of the Pipboy as well was a really nice touch. Having a Super Mutant standing at the top of the table taunting you made me smile immediately but the joy of hitting a skill shot as I launched the ball beating his cannon blasts was a fun buzz. The mini games compliment yet again the great use of music and audio effects from the game. I loved how you can even have a companion to aid you just as you can in the real game.

Skyrim Table:

As with the two tables above, it is the little details from the full game that inspired the table that grabs you straight away, and for this Skyrim Pinball table, having the incredible and unforgettable Skyrim music playing as Alduin attacks the table, breathing fire as you try to focus on where you are trying to get the ball. Like the Fallout table, you have the nice little touch of being able to decide the character class you can be from the many races that make up the world of Skyrim. The table has a really great look and I actually found the music to be somewhat relaxing with this table compared to that of DOOM and Fallout tables.

All three tables have been meticulously designed to bring all the aspects fans of the Bethesda will know from the games that inspired these tables but I was really surprised at just how much detail has been put into each one. They all share tremendous mini game and learning which loops activate the high scoring bonus runs will take time to master but every minute of the game on these tables is huge fun and full of nice little nods to their respective source games that you will notice something different each time.

They are all challenging but not overly difficult tables, though at times when the unavoidable loss of a ball can be frustrating, the sheer enjoyment of playing each themed table for fans of DOOM, Fallout and Skyrim and Zen Pinball will get a huge kick and big smile across players faces at they battle to get that top score. I really commend the team at Zen Studios for doing such a great job of bringing these Pinball Tables to life with real attention to detail to faithfully recreate the atmosphere and experience of each game.