GamingBespoke Arcades announces King-Pin Virtual Pinball Table

Bespoke Arcades announces King-Pin Virtual Pinball Table


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Bespoke Arcades, has announced the King-Pin Virtual Pinball Table, a revolutionary new concept in pinball entertainment, enabling gamers to play dozens of classic tables and modern masterpieces, all via a single, beautifully made pinball cabinet.

Shipping worldwide in November 2016, the King-Pin may look like an ordinary pinball table, but the cabinet actually conceals a powerful PC allowing for an army of pinball tables ready to play at the touch of a flipper!


Building on the company’s years of knowledge in producing custom arcade cabinets, the King-Pin uses the same uncompromising quality and attention to detail to deliver a hand-crafted pinball table, certain to delight fans the world over. The King-Pin combines new technology and traditional pinball components to create a flawlessly authentic experience. Hand-crafted using precision cut CNC assembly and state-of-the-art engineering, the King-Pin utilizes multiple displays to drive the action. Cunningly integrated are a 43inch high-definition display used for the table action itself, a secondary 28inch Back Glass Display combined with an LCD DMD (Dot Matric Display) to present accurate pinball artwork as well as table specific scoring and mini-game features.

In addition to displaying a wholly authentic rendition of classic pinball, the King-Pin goes much further to engage the senses and deliver the true pinball experience by offering a range of upgrades. Utilizing a series of advanced force feedback motors, dynamic back glass lighting, concealed actuators and interactive RGB lighting, the discrete technology works in perfect synchronization with the pinball software to deliver powerful two-way feedback to the player, recreating every nuance of the table and even allowing players to tilt and nudge, just as they would a regular table!


“We’ve been tirelessly working on the King-Pin project for many years now and the end result is our love letter to the pinball gaming community,” said Ben Georget, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Bespoke Arcades. “At Bespoke Arcades, we’re all huge pinball fans and have been waiting patiently for technology to catch up to our vision of the ultimate pinball experience. We’re delighted to finally realise our design and are confident that pinball fans the world over have never experienced anything quite like the King-Pin.”

With the ability to add new classic tables as well as an ongoing roster of new releases, gamers can even use the King-Pin with homebrew software, allowing them to design and play their own tables, limited only by their imagination!

The King-Pin Virtual Pinball Table is available in Standard and Extreme versions.

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