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Welcome to Aiptek iBeamBlock modular projection system


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The Aiptek iBeamBlock is a modular computer projection system consists of an HD projector, Windows 10 tablet and battery, making it ideal for business, education and entertainment.

ibeamblock 1

The three components are stacked together cordless like Lego bricks. Magnets and pogo-pins make sure all parts stay in place securely.

If required, the projector can also be used as a standalone device. With a brightness of 400 lumens, automatic keystone correction (for those times when you cannot get the projector level), integrated speakers, RGB LEDs and digital light processing (DLP) technology, the iBeamBlock provides crystal clear images.

ibeamblock 2

Compatible with; Excel, Word, Power Point and PDF documents the iBeamBlock boasts an image of up to 120“ and a resolution of 1280×720 pixels. The projector is equipped with an audio port, DC-in and four menu keys for easy control as well as an HDMI interface to connect your external devices.

ibeamblock 3

Thanks to the Windows 10 tablet, which has a Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB, micro USB as well as a micro SD card interface, data can be transferred quickly and easily.  Furthermore, the powerful 4.5” tablet with multi-touch In Plane Switching (IPS) LCD acts as control unit.

The iBeamBlock weighs in at less than 1 kg and has dimensions of only 125x95x64 mm (LxWxH) making it ideal for use on the move, however it’s also perfect for home cinema, gaming and slideshows.

ibeamblock 4

Available from the end of August, the iBeamBlock costs £585 from Amazon.

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