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Fractured Space from Edge Case Games update news


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Edge Case Games, developers of the team-based space combat game, Fractured Space, has announced the game’s Alpha 18 update, code-named ‘Olympian’, is now live. This is the game’s last planned major update before the game’s beta launch this fall when the game is scheduled to exit Early Access on Steam. To mark the game’s progression, the studio further announced that Fractured Space will be exhibited at PAX West in Seattle from September 2nd–5th, with media and community members invited to attend and play.


With the update, players can celebrate the games of summer with a new freeform tech tree, new sectors, a new game mode, a new ship and new patriotic ship skins that allow players to show their support for their national sports teams. Captains can root for their country’s Summer Games team with US, UK, French, German and Russian national flag skins on offer or Jolly Roger pirate flag for those with a mischievous streak as seen in the “World Games” update video released. Edge Case Games will be tracking results by flag and will let players know who is racking up the most wins!

The game’s tech tree has been revamped to let players assemble their ship fleet without restrictions. All ships in Fractured Space are designed to have equal value, with well-rounded, easy to play ships for new players, and extremely specialized, hard to play ships available for veterans. Previously, there was a manufacturer XP-based progression with easier to play ships being followed by more difficult to master ships. Now, any ship can be unlocked without having to unlock previous ships. As before, all ships can be purchased with earned credits or Platinum premium currency and all ships can be battle tested on the Firing Range before purchase to ensure they suit the player’s style.


Two new sector maps join the game’s original alpha and beta sectors—which have also been updated—so players can discover new battle strategies and environments. The first, a forest of vertical angular structures orbiting a binary planet offers numerous hiding spots, making it a great place for ambushes and skirmishes. The second takes players to a tightly packed asteroid field where mines are flanked on both sides by cover, making pushing toward the enemy forward base a daunting task.

The new TDS Executioner ship available with the update represents an evolution in fast strike tactics for captains who favour a finisher role. With a brutal Gauss Cannon and the unique Blink Back utility that allows the ship to instantly jump a certain distance in any direction, the ship is a close quarters, knockout specialist with poor general mobility balanced against its devastating single-strike capability as demonstrated in the Executioner Ship Guide video.

Additionally, showing the team’s commitment to Open Development where new features are shared with the community, the game’s new Experimental Mode will launch later this month. This mode will offer a weekly play test of fun new features such as massively increased ship speeds, double damage or other trial ideas to let players experience one-off changes that may someday be implemented in the game. Game stats during Experimental Mode matches are not stored so players can experiment and have fun with no consequences.

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