NewsXiaomi officially announced the Mi Band 2

Xiaomi officially announced the Mi Band 2


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After months of rumours and leaks Xiamomi have finally officially released wearable Xiaomi Mi Band 2 will continue the band Mi band 1, in which the wearable quite successful in the market last year. This time Xiaomi add them significant upgrade at this Mi band 2.

Mi Band 2

The new upgrade is important because for the first time, the series Mi Band comes with a display screen.  It will be an OLED display custom that can display more information than the previous generation, which must rely on a smartphone application that is connected with Mi band to see the details. 

So, you can check your heart rate, time, distance, calories, power remaining, and others directly from the screen Mi Band 2. The update not only on-screen presence, but also in the source. Mi Band 2 with OLED screen and comes with a new hardware platform that supports the pedometer with new algorithms that can effectively understand whether you’re walking or just sitting. Thus, the accuracy of counting steps should better on this new model.

Mi Band 2 pic 3

Furthermore, the smart bracelet is equipped with support for calls, text messages, alarms, seven kinds of reminders, and all these details can be displayed on the wearable display. The company also said it had improve sleep quality monitoring on the new device.

Mi Band 2 pic 2

Mi Band 2 comes with a new strap made of material friendly to the skin. Moreover, given that it now has the screen, the company increased battery capacity growing by 55 percent, which means you can still use this wearable up to 20 days for one recharges.

Mi Band 2 pic 4

With a price of about $22 for the Mi Band 2.

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