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Review: One for All Wireless HDMI Sender SV1760


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Do you want to watch TV in another room but don’t have a satellite or cable box in there? Well you could take a look at the One for All Wireless HDMI Sender SV1760 and here is our review.

CDW Review One for All Wireless HDMI Sender - 7This is how One for All describes it:

“Watch your favourite movie in your bedroom, cheer for your favourite football team in the garden or play your kids videos in their room while you’re having dinner with your friends downstairs.

Why be limited to one room when you can have the freedom to enjoy anywhere you like? The Wireless HDMI Sender connects your AV devices and lets you control them from a different room. The signal quality stays optimal, even through a wall or floor.

The Wireless HDMI Sender ensures smooth signal streaming from any AV device with an HDMI output to a remote TV. Thanks to the stable and uncompressed Full HD transmission, it provides you with an immersive media experience at the same high audio and video quality that you are used to.

The Wireless HDMI Sender delivers a fluid transmission without delay within the distance of 30 metres. Unlike other home devices the Wireless HDMI Sender transmits data using the 5GHz band, ensuring that your AV is interference-free.”

What’s in the box?

The box contains a guide, and the HDMI transmitter and receiver.

CDW Review One for All Wireless HDMI Sender - 1

It also contains two IR blasters.

CDW Review One for All Wireless HDMI Sender - 2

And stands for the transmitter and receiver.

CDW Review One for All Wireless HDMI Sender - 3

And USB connected power supplies. You will notice that the ones supplied for our review were not UK plugs.

CDW Review One for All Wireless HDMI Sender - 4

A Closer Look

As mentioned, there is a receiver and a transmitter.

CDW Review One for All Wireless HDMI Sender - 5

The back of each unit has a micro USB port for power, and IR in socket, and for the receiver an HDMI out and for the transmitter there is HDMI in and out.

CDW Review One for All Wireless HDMI Sender - 6

The units sit very nicely on their stands. You will also notice the pairing light on the front, this lights up when the units are paired.

CDW Review One for All Wireless HDMI Sender - 8

Final Thoughts

I was eager to test this set up having previously reviewed HDMI over Powerlines and been impressed. I have also seen other wireless senders that frankly don’t work very well and just aren’t worth bothering with, so with One for All offered me the chance to review this one I figured I would give it a go but I didn’t have very high expectations. And I was wrong!

Both the transmitter and the sender are very small and light, and even have their own stands to make sure they are safe and secure wherever you fit them.

Set up was simple – you just plug in the power and connect the devices via HDMI to the source and the TV you want to watch one. One thing to note, that you will need two HDMI cables as you don’t get any in the box. Not a huge issue but it would have been nice to have had everything you needed in one package rather than having to buy two extra cables.

Within a few moments the transmitter and the receiver will pair and that’s it – simple! I had perfect picture from both an SD and an HD source, and I was very happy!

One thing to note is that One for All say that transmitter and receiver need to be either within 30m line of site or with only one wall between them. When this is the case they work perfectly. The further away you have them though the more the picture will break up, so if you are not within those limits you might want to hold off from buying them. That’s not to say they won’t work, but you won’t get as good an experience. I tried two floors up and still got a fairly good picture but it was a little broken up (but like I said, its not designed to work in that situation).

Also, like any wireless signal, the environment can make a difference.

Overall, if you want to watch TV in another room of your home without the need for cables, and that room is within the parameters mentioned above, then you should really check this one out.

The One for All Wireless HDMI Sender is available now priced at £199.


You can learn more and order it from the One for All website.

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