GamingReview: WWE2K16 Hall of Fame Showcase DLC

Review: WWE2K16 Hall of Fame Showcase DLC


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The largest content pack for WWE2K16 has finally released and as a WWE fan since the original WWF days, the ‘Hall of Fame Showcase’ is the one I’ve been most excited to get. This DLC focuses on the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2015 and will feature 20 playable Superstars and using the Showcase mode to recreate seven of the inductees most classic matches.

I am a big fan of the Showcase mode in WWE2K series and the way in which it recreates some of the most famous matches and allows the player to experience their most iconic moments by reliving them through the game. The Stone Cold Steve Austin Showcase mode for WWE2K16 is a stand out feature for the game so when it was announced that a DLC pack was to add more matches using the WWE Legends inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2015 I immediately had a huge grin on my face.

Featuring Legends Larry Zybszko, Rikishi, Tatsumi Fujinami, Alundra Blayze, The Bushwhackers, Kevin Nash and perhaps the greatest Superstar of a generation, The Macho Man Randy Savage. As a bonus, their opponents are also added to the roster such as tag team The Natural Disasters, Ricky Steamboat, Dustin Rhodes, Scott Hall and WCW tag team The Harlem Heat of Booker T and Stevie Ray. All become playable on the roster along with Six new arenas. This is by far the biggest content update post release yet for the series.

• “Macho Man” Randy Savage vs. Jake “The Snake” Roberts;

• Rikishi vs. The Rock;

• Alundra Blayze vs. Paige;

• Larry Zbyszko and Arn Anderson vs. Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat and Dustin Rhodes

• Tatsumi Fujinami vs. Ric Flair;

• The Bushwhackers (Butch Miller and Luke  Williams) vs. The Natural Disasters (Typhoon and Earthquake);

• The Outsiders (Kevin Nash and Scott Hall) vs. Harlem Heat (Booker T and Stevie Ray);

WWE2K16 HoF 2-800x450

It was a genuine joy to recreate those matches I watched growing up and the brilliant way which the Showcase mode recreates even the slightest details that not only made the matches so famous but why the Legends earned their Hall of Fame induction. As someone who watched the matches as they happened it will also educate fans of more modern WWE who may not know the matches and Superstars. The only Legend not to have a match from their career used is three time WWE Women’s Champion Alundra Blayze who has been put in a new match up with current Diva’s superstar Paige.

I was impressed with just how great a job was done creating the wrestlers player models and authentic move sets but did notice that the Bushwhackers have been made just a bit more muscular than in real life and both Randy Savage and Jake the Snake’s faces looked as though they suffered an allergic reaction and had swelled up but overall you can see the effort by developers into recreating their likeness as faithfully as possible including wrestling attire and entrances.

WWE2K16 HoF 3-800x450

For the sheer amount of new content the Hall of Fame Showcase Pack brings to WWE2K16 it is worth the purchase alone but even more so if you have fond memories of those featured and their matches. With so many new superstars added to an already impressive roster, the number of possible dream matches fans can create helps make this DLC a must have for the game.

The Hall of Fame Showcase marks the end of the DLC for WWE2K16 and I really hope that this becomes a regular feature utilising annual Hall of Fame Class going forward with the series as the deal between 2K and WWE has been continued.




+ Largest Content Pack Yet
+ Adds New Superstars and Movesets
+ Bushwhackers
- Final Planned DLC for Game
(Reviewed on PS4 also available on Xbox One. Available as part of Season Pass or standalone purchase)
Sean McCarthy
Sean McCarthy
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+ Largest Content Pack Yet<br /> + Adds New Superstars and Movesets <br /> + Bushwhackers <br /> - Final Planned DLC for Game<br /> (Reviewed on PS4 also available on Xbox One. Available as part of Season Pass or standalone purchase)Review: WWE2K16 Hall of Fame Showcase DLC