Movies & TVReview: Deadpool 'Spoiler Free'

Review: Deadpool ‘Spoiler Free’


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I have literally just got back home after watching an early morning showing of ‘Deadpool’, released today in the UK (10/2/16) and will release in the US (12/2/16). I had a nervous worry about this film as a fan of Deadpool and had concerns about how he could be brought to the big screen correctly after the travesty of ‘Wolverine: Origins’. Pleased to say it only took ten minutes into the film to know that it had nailed it!

*Spoiler Free – I will not be talking about plot or key moments of the story of film so as not to spoil it, below are my thoughts on the film*

The above teaser from this past weekend’s Superbowl really showcases why Deadpool has finally received the big screen spotlight the character deserved. It shows Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool but for me and especially now after seeing the film, Ryan Reynolds is Deadpool, the character is and always will be his as much as Wolverine is Hugh Jackman. Reynolds has spoken how it has taken 11 years to make this film happen, wanting to make up for fans disappointment for the first ‘go’ in Wolverine Origins. His trip into DC Comics with Green Lantern was widely criticised and panned by critics and fans, so this film has a lot to do for a lot of people.

As above, the first ten minutes completely won me over simply because it managed to layout the tone, humour and intent of the fim before a single line of dialogue was uttered. I won’t spoil it but make sure you pay attention to every detail on the screen so ignore your popcorn and forget the person/s you are with or you will miss potentially the greatest opening to a comic book film yet!

Deadpool really is a waterfall of stand out moments that just hit you in wave after wave of action and laugh out loud moments. The pace is almost relentless in delivering you all the Deadpool you could possibly want. Capturing the humour of the character was a worry, fans will know that he is known for breaking the fourth wall and talking right to the audience and this is used to not only drive the narrative but for some truly sublime comedy moments. Whether it’s mocking Reynolds himself, comic book films and even taking potshots at MARVEL itself, the jokes on screen and in dialogue between characters is beautifully but carefully written to never over do it so the audience is always being smacked in the face with something new. I genuinely had tears from laughing from the big jokes and aching cheeks from grinning at all the little nods that fans of the comic books will get.

Deadpool 2-800x723

What helps to make the humour work so well is down to the excellent casting for the film. Reynolds just embodies everything that makes Deadpool work in this film but it really is the supporting cast that help make it all work. Morena Baccarin as love interest Vanessa is simply remarkable and really gives a performance that compliments Reynolds. For her role to work as well as it did meant really being open to doing whatever it took to make the partnership believable and credible and in key moments that relationship is jaw dropping exquisite. Baccarin is integral to why the story works and I can not imagine another actor doing the role or being more giving as Vanessa.

The rest of the cast is also superb with T.J. Miller adding even more comedy impact as Wade’s best friend Weasel. The dialogue exchanges between Wade and Weasel really elevate the film away from what could be considered the ‘standard Avenger’ MARVEL film. Deadpool is very much a Rated R kind of comic book character and many have voiced concerns about it having a 15 rating, but have no fear. This film does more to push the limits of that age rating with its action sequences and humour than any previous film in my opinion and acheived so much even when on paper they perhaps shouldn’t have been able to. Deadpool is very much not restricted by a lower than mature rating but it certainly celebrates the freedom that it’s rating gives it to push the envelope.

It may not have the huge budget of an Avenger level film but the big action sequences and special effect do not suffer at all and all used to great effect. Whilst the film is the origin story for Deadpool, it does as much to establish the MARVEL universe that 20th Century Fox has with their XMen franchise license but cleverly acknowledges the main Avenger universe in great dialogue lines from Deadpool. We are all waiting for the Avenger universe to bring together allmits characters but for me right now the potential for a big team up film with 20th Century Fox is made more believable thanks to Deadpool.

I have not enjoyed a MARVEL film as much as this since Guardians of the Galaxy. In the same way that used a great musical soundtrack of pop songs to give an audio feast for the audience, so does Deadpool. It is fair to say that the director Tim Miller has been influenced by Guardians to use music and comedy to great effect but having a stellar cast to bring the comic book characters to life in a vibrant and powerful way. Deadpool is so good a comic book film that the main MARVEL franchise will have to take stock and look again at what makes a great MARVEL film work.

deadpool-800x497Deadpool more than delivered on its hype, Ryan Reynolds has made the character performance that fans have been demanding for years. It just ticks all the right boxes in all the right ways that I left the cinema almost dazed from just how good the film was.

Quite simply, go see Deadpool as soon as, the Merc with a Mouth finally has a film that does him justice. A great watch and highly enjoyable experience that shows that keeping the comic book characters true to what fans love will make the transition to the big screen effortless.

Now I’m off for a Chimichangas but must say this, DO NOT LEAVE UNTIL THE CREDITS HAVE ENDED, trust me!

Sean McCarthy
Sean McCarthy
Freelance writer but also a Gamer, Gooner, Jedi, Whovian, Spartan, Son of Batman, Assassin and Legend. Can be found playing on PS4 and Xbox One Twitter @CockneyCharmer

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