GamingRock Band 4 Post-Launch program announced

Rock Band 4 Post-Launch program announced


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Harmonix has revealed details of its plan to support and expand Rock Band 4 as an ongoing live service. The program officially kicks off with its first major feature update on 8th December for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Rockband 4

“Since we announced back in March, Harmonix has been saying Rock Band 4 will be the only Rock Band game for this console generation. We are thrilled to unveil details of our plan today as the realization of that promise,” explained Harmonix CEO Steve Janiak.

The post-launch program calls for monthly updates of varying scopes. These will be a mix of smaller releases focusing on bug fixing and stability improvements and larger updates adding new types of content and full-fledged features. Harmonix will engage in an open dialog with its community and use this feedback to help determine the future direction of the franchise.

The first update in the program will be offered for free and is scheduled to hit Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on December 8th. It focuses mostly on competitive and social features, including an entirely new online competitive system called “Score Challenges” which utilizes a live activity feed that shows users what their friends are playing, and allows them to compete with each other for high scores on songs.

“This first feature update should give our players a taste of what’s to come as Rock Band 4 evolves over the next year and beyond. All of us on the team are excited to develop and support the game in collaboration with our amazingly creative community.” added Rock Band 4 product manager, Daniel Sussman.

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