GamingNew PS4 Firmware Update 3.10 out now

New PS4 Firmware Update 3.10 out now


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Today the PlayStation 4 has got a new firmware update, version 3.10 doesn’t include any major changes, although you will be able to follow official (verified) player accounts and customise messages with yet more new stickers.
Here is a small list of PSN Verified Accounts

Name: Chris Owen (PSN: Envisager)
Role: PlayStation Community Manager (English Language)

Name: Ross Thoroughgood (PSN: LordRoss)
Role: PlayStation Community Coordinator (English Language)

Name: The Frannifer (PSN: Cjarsa)
Role: PlayStation Community Coordinator (PlayStation Plus)

Name: Shuhei Yoshida (PSN: yosp)
Role: President of WorldWide Studios

Name: Adam Boyes (PSN: DaBooya)
Role: VP of Publisher Relations (SCEA)

Name: Stuart Platt (PSN: pid)
Role: Producer for SHAREfactory

Name: Mohammed Khan (PSN: Kubla)
Role: Project Lead – SHAREfactory

Name: Paul Rustchynsky (PSN:Rushy)
Role: Game Director – DRIVECLUB

Name: Jason Paul (PSN: jmpaul)
Role: Naughty Dog Web Developer

Name: Stewart Gilray (PSN: Gilrod)
Role: Business Development and Founder of Just Add Water ltd.

Name: Neil Gorton (PSN: LondonCalling09)
Role: Community Manager – Capcom

Name: Sarah Wellock (PSN: rikkusarah)
Role: Community Manager – Bethesda


Name: Evolution Studios (PSN: EvolutionStudios)
Bio – The studio behind DRIVECLUB and the MotorStorm franchise.

Chris Hare
Chris Hare
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