GamingNew Hitman details and new Intro Pack announced

New Hitman details and new Intro Pack announced


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Hitman is now scheduled to release on 11th March, 2016.

On 11th March, a total of six campaign missions will be available to complete and three sandbox locations: Paris, Sapienza, and Marrakesh. The game will feature 40 signature kills, a Contracts mode that includes 800 targets to dispose of, and weekly live hints and events.

Additional content is expected to be released in the following months as players will be given access to Thailand in April, USA in May, and Japan in June. These pieces of additional content will include new campaign missions, new signature kills, new Contracts mode targets, and new weekly live hits and events.


Square Enix is offering three separate ways to purchase Hitman. The Intro Pack includes the initial 11th March content for $34.99 with the Upgrade Pack including the additional content for $29.99. The Full Experience includes all content that’s been announced and will retail for $59.99, which also guarantees access to Hitman’s beta.

Full Release Details

Initial launch content on 11th March, 2016 will include:
·         Three huge sandbox locations: Paris, Sapienza and Marrakesh
·         Six campaign missions with 40 unique ways to take out your main targets
·         Contracts mode[4] for all locations with around 800 potential targets
Post launch content will include:
·         One new sandbox location per month in April, May and June
·         Thailand in April, USA in May and Japan in June
·         Each location will come with additional missions, signature kills and more Contracts targets
·         New locations will open up new weapons, tools and disguises for all locations
·         Contracts mode for all locations
Live content begins on 11 March, 2016 and will include:
·      Weekly live events – including targets which will appear one-time-only for limited time only
·      Weekly Io-Interactive developer team created Contracts
·      Monthly promoted best community created Contracts
·      New items such as weapons and disguises

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