FamilyReview: KING II ATS Childs Car Seat from Britax

Review: KING II ATS Childs Car Seat from Britax


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Britax has launched its latest Group 1 belted seat, the KING II ATS, to help parents travel with greater confidence and keep their eyes on the road ahead – and here is our review.

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The advanced seat, suitable for children aged 9 months – 4 years (9kg- 18kg) actively watches over a child throughout their journey thanks to a revolutionary safety system that checks, adjusts and monitors the harness tension automatically.

KING II ATS features an intelligent light and sound indicator that helps parents to find the correct harness tension before they set off in the car. A green light and sound alert will reassure parents their children are secure and harnessed correctly giving them the freedom to make their journey safely.

Toddlers often wriggle around when parents strap them into their car seat, meaning the harness might not necessarily be as tight as it should be from the offset. However, KING II ATS features a unique Active Tensioning System (ATS), which automatically adjusts and retracts the slack in the child’s harness to keep tension just right throughout the journey.

As a final safety feature for parents, KING II ATS also features an intelligent warning system that alerts parents with a sound and light indicator if the harness is undone or no longer at the correct tension because the automatic retraction system might be at the end of its working range and cannot compensate any additional slack in the harness. The seat will sound an alert and flash a red warning light, indicating the parent should check the harness when it’s convenient to pull over.

This clever combination of checks, combined with the patented tensioning system for easy installation with the car’s 3-point seat belt, gives families the freedom they need to travel together safely and parents the confidence to keep their eyes on the road.

Who Are Britax?

Britax is a global leader and innovator in child mobility dedicated to making family travel safer and easier throughout the journey of parenthood. Specialising in a complete range of premium car seats, strollers, baby carriers and accessories that meet modern family lifestyle needs, Britax’s mission is to inspire families to travel more freely, confident of safety, sure of style.

Britax was founded in Britain in 1938 focusing initially on safety developments such as adult seat belts. In the 1960s they launched the company’s first child car seat. In 1978, it merged with established German car safety counterpart Römer. More recently, Britax acquired the hugely popular outdoor stroller brand BOB in 2011 and the BRIO pushchair and car safety business in 2013.

A Closer Look

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Height-adjustable headrest and harness with easy single-handed adjustment which allows the seat to grow with your child without the need to remove and re-thread the harness.

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Deep, softly padded full side wings which provide optimum Side Impact Protection for your child.

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Batteries inside the Light System are included with the seat and expected to last for the full .product life time (approx. 7 years) under normal usage.

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There’s even a space for the instructions – not that you will need them!

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Final Thoughts

The KING II ATS seat is quick and simple to fit. The seat tilts forward so you can easily see what you are doing when threading the seatbelt which is a real plus point.

The instructions to fit the seat are really easy to follow, they are especially useful if you want to move the seat between different cars.

The intelligent warning system is a very helpful feature which offers piece of mind that your child is safe and secure. However, it can be a little bit stiff and difficult to tighten at times, and occasionally its beeps in the middle of a journey.

The height adjustable headrest and harness are a great feature, as there is no need to remove and rethread the harness, you can easily adjust it with one hand, which really does make all the difference. It is especially useful if different children are going to be using the seat.

The seat itself has very nice padded seat and straps, our child test subject felt really comfortable travelling in it.

The cover is easy to remove when you need to wash it, so that’s a good thing!

When you remove your child the straps retract so each time you put your child back in you have to loosen the straps again. I think this is a safety feature but it is a bit of a pain!

So if you are looking for a secure, comfortable child’s car seat, with the added intelligent warning system technology to ensure you child is safe and secure, then look no further than the KING II ATS seat.

KING II ATS is now available exclusively from Mothercare at RRP £180 in Black Thunder.


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