TechAppleE3: Bethesda announces Fallout Shelter for iOS

E3: Bethesda announces Fallout Shelter for iOS


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Fallout Shelter from Bethesda will be coming out for mobile platforms. The touchscreen game lets you construct your own Vault and puts you in the role of Overseer. Your job is to make sure everyone in the Vault remains productive and happy. Then, every once in a while, you’ll have to defend it or react to accidents that around bound to occur. You are rewarded with lunchboxes full of loot.


Fallout Shelter has obvious influences from games like XCOM and The Sims. The game is free, and does not have timers or pay walls, although you can purchase lunchboxes if you choose.


Fallout Shelter will be made available on the iOS App store starting now, so get downloading and put your Vault experiment to work!


I really hope Bethesda releases a android version of Fallout Shelter very soon.

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