GamingThis year War Thunder’s April fools gag is…

This year War Thunder’s April fools gag is…


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Last year Gaijin unleashed Gaizilla on the world – a giant snail that plagued players on the dev server. So this morning sitting in my inbox was a lovely post about some new content the developer will be adding to the game. Or not.

As you can see this is indeed something to take seriously. You can’t deny the unbelievable effort put into designing these things! Even when joking Gaijin make a detailed vehicle. Just to back the story up I was provided with these amazing picture that completely and unquestionably prove that these things existed.


WarThunder_ST-1_photo WarThunder_ST-1_photo_2

You have to admit that for a joke these things look pretty damn cool!



Is anyone kind of thinking, maybe they’d like a go in one? Sure it’s ridiculous and would ruin the game but they are kind of cool. Anyway happy April Fools from Gaijin.

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