GamingFinal Dev Diary for Life is Strange announces soundtrack

Final Dev Diary for Life is Strange announces soundtrack


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As Life is Strange will be out tomorrow what better time to release the third and final instalment of our Life is Strange Developer Diary series. The video entitled ‘Creating Arcadia Bay’ features in-depth details of the sights and sounds you can expect in Life is Strange and reveals full details on our licenced soundtrack as well as the names of the voice actors behind Max & Chloe. The DONTNOD team also discuss how they achieved their unique visual style by hand-painting every texture in the game.

You can use this Spotify link that will take you to the full soundtrack that features throughout the series of 5 episodes that includes artists such as Alt-J, Jose Gonzales and Mogwai:

Life is Strange will be released tomorrow on 30th January. You can pick up the first episode for £3.99 or alternatively purchase a season pass for £15.99.

The game will be available on PlayStation 4, Playstation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.

Chris Hare
Chris Hare
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  1. I played the demo last night and loved it. I’ll be buying the season pass tomorrow. Looks like it will be a great game.

  2. I recommend playing this game, it is so beautyful, easily the best story game 2015, you can’t say why this game is good, but it grabs you and pulls you in. The atmosphere, the characters, the plot, the soundtrack, oh gosh!

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