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Review: Vax Air Cordless


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One gadget we all need around the house is a vacuum cleaner, and Vax recently introduced their new Air Cordless – and here is our review.

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Building on their iconic Air range of lightweight upright vacuums, Vax has created a full-size machine that’s powerful enough to clean your whole home for 50 minutes2 without having to find a plug socket. By changing just one simple thing – replacing the cord with their extended runtime LithiumLife battery – they’ve changed everything about the way you clean. The Air Cordless gives you the freedom to vacuum without limits, obstacles or boundaries.


  • Lightweight – 4.6kg
  • No loss of suction – cyclone technology
  • Two extended runtime LithiumLife batteries – 50 minutes
  • Exclusive WindTunnel3 technology
  • Air Motion technology – swivel and twist around furniture and objects
  • Large-capacity, bottom release dirt bin – 1.05 litres
  • Multi-floor cleaning
  • Removable cleaning wand
  • Battery level indicator
  • 6 year guarantee

What’s in the Box?

The box contains the Air Cordless, along with the battery charger, 2 batteries, instructions and various tools.

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A Closer Look

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Cleaning the Air Cordless

There are two elements that can be easily removed and cleaned on the Air Cordless.

The first is the filter in the dirt container. You just lift off the dirt container and twist off the top to gain access to the filter. You can then remove it and wash it under some water and then re-fit it.

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You can also easily remove the brushbar and clean it. Certainly I had to do that a couple of times when things got wrapped around it, but it was a very simple and quick process.

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Final Thoughts

Now I will be honest, I am not a fan of cleaning and hoovering, but then how many of us actually are? One thing I really find a pain is having to keep finding plug sockets to plug in the cleaner, then lifting up cables and then doing that strange dance around the room trying to not go over the cables and then having to find another power socket and doing it all over again. So when I heard that the Air Cordless was well cordless I wanted to see how much of a difference it would make to me, and believe me it made a huge difference.

The battery lasts for about 50 minutes of use, so for most people that will be enough to clean everything. One really good thing is that Vax included a second battery so that can be left charging whilst you are using the Air Cordless and if you do run out of battery power you just swap over the batteries and carry on. The downside is that you have no excuse for stopping as you will always have power!

Cleaning the Air Cordless was a breeze, and described earlier, and emptying out the container just involved the press of a button.

Using the Air Cordless was also very simple indeed – it moves fairly effortlessly across both carpet and flooring (you can select to switch the brushbar on or off depending on the surface you are cleaning). It also works fantastically on corners and on stairs. The extension tube is very easy to use and has quite a reach to it!

The Vax Air Cordless is available now for £299.99 and frankly it’s worth every penny, unfortunately I have no excuse anymore not to do the cleaner – so thanks Vax!


Learn more from the Vax website.

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