TechGadgetsReview: Roccat Tyon Gaming Mouse

Review: Roccat Tyon Gaming Mouse


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Here is the review of the new gaming mouse from ROCCAT called Tyon, this mouse offers 16 assignable buttons, 31 distinct possible functions, and a nearly limitless levels of customization thanks to ROCCAT’s dedicated Easy-Shift[+] Button.  While optimized for FPS gaming, the Tyon is an efficient, combat-ready and aesthetically fascinating masterpiece for all genres, including MMO, RPG, and more.

The Mouse

The Roccat Tyon mouse looks like an evolution of the Kone XTD mouse. The mouse body is 13.5×7.8x4cm, and weighs about 126g and on top the Tyon has rubber coated with ROCCAT branding applied. The edges of the left and right buttons we have two extra buttons which are configurable as is the clickable scroll wheel.


The we have the Dorsal Fin Switch, it features a left and right click and is designed to allow quick execution of commands.


On sides of the Tyon they are a textured plastic, the right hand side is blank. The position for the Easy-Shift[+] button is on the bottom edge. With the Easy-Shift allows us to double up the functions of the mouse as pressing it activates an alternate command for each button. Above the Easy-Shift and thumb grove we find two thumb buttons and then there is a new X-Celerator Analog paddle.


The single axis paddle allows you to tilt, pitch and throttle in games or even change image zoom level the OS.

ROCCAT Tyon Tech Specs

·         8200 DPI PRO AIM (R3) LASER SENSOR – precision gaming at its best
·         X-CELERATOR THUMB PADDLE – unrivalled command capabilities
·         DORSAL FIN SWITCH – rapid and instinctive control
·         ROCCAT TITAN WHEEL – millions of ultra-precise steps
·         ROCCAT EASY-SHIFT[+] – on-the-fly button duplicator
·         16.8M MULTICOLOR ILLUMINATION – customizable two-level light system
·         TRACKING & DISTANCE CONTROL UNIT – less pick-up flight for precise gaming
·         16 MOUSE BUTTONS – programmable + dedicated Easy-Shift[+] button
·         32-BIT PROCESSOR + 576KB MEMORY- rapid macro storage and execution


In the mouse is a Pro-Aim R3 laser sensor with a maximum DPI of 8200. The Tyon also features a 72MHz Turbo Core V2 32-Bit ARM based processor with 576KB of memory for storage and it connects to our PC by 1.8m braided cable and USB 2.0 connector.

With the lightning quickness and fatal accuracy, on the mouse its has programmable dual lighting RBGY illumination for both the lower rim and wheel of the mouse.

The R use a standard installer for their driver/software and when we then attempt to launch the control panel for the first time a window appears informing us that the Firmware will be updated (if need).


This process happens quickly and easily with only a couple of button clicks required by the user. At the end of the update we simply unplug the mouse and plug it in again to complete the process. With the driver installed and firmware updated we gain access to the mouse settings.

After you installed the program you get new configuration options into tabs with the first being Main Control.


Main Control allows us to change the key functions of the mouse and organise profiles. There are sliders for sensitivity, vertical scroll speed and horizontal tilt speed. The right hand column allows us to tweak the DPI settings, we have 5 settings available. Double click speed can also be configured and along the bottom of the screen are profile options. We can assign one profile to Windows use and point each at .exe files so that they automatically activate when a game or application is launched.


Without going into detail of every option this Tyon you can chance Color Control tab which lets us configure the LED sections on the mouse. One on the scroll wheel and then another trail which runs round the base of the mouse. The latest version of the ROCCAT software for Tyon can be downloaded here.

Here is a little video on how to set up your ROCCAT Tyon for WarThunder

What can the Tyon, do for you in War Thunder.

Even when playing Battlefield 4 using the ROCCAT Tyon, I can fly jets etc a lot better than using a standard mouse.

The ROCCAT Tyon is now available for $99.99/€99.99/£84.99 online.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a gaming mouse to help you get a little edge over your online friends then you can’t go wrong with the ROCCAT Tyon.


With easy to install drivers and installation programme to configure all the macro buttons on the mouse.

Chris Hare
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