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Two Minute Review: Samsung UD590 28″ gaming monitor


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If you are on the market for a 28” gaming monitor, Samsung have the UD590 that you might want to take a look at – and here is our review.


The Samsung UHD monitor offers PC viewing, gaming and more with Ultra HD picture quality. A resolution 4 times higher than Full HD and an incredible 1 billion colours bring images to life with unparalleled realism. A superfast 1-millisecond response time handles even the fastest moving scenes in movies and games, and great connectivity and Game Mode mean it’s equipped for a rich gaming experience. You can do more with multi-linking features like PIP 2.0 and PBP that keep the original source resolution. Thanks to elegant minimal design, there’s nothing to distract you from amazing viewing.

Bring out the best picture quality possible for all your favourite content and make them worthy of your UHD experience. Samsung’s technology automatically detects the content’s original resolution and improves it with noise reduction and up-conversion to create clearer, sharper images. Thanks to UHD upscaling, it brings all your entertainment and other content up to a new UHD-level.

Game Mode adjusts your monitor’s settings instantly to give you an optimised gaming experience. Game Mode smartly detects the changes in scenes, enhances the colour and alters the screen’s contrast to make dark spots darker and light spots lighter so you can see all the action at all times. There is less lag thanks to a faster video response time that ensures that the picture keeps up with action.

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Final Thoughts

The first thing you notice about this monitor is that it looks great, everything about it just makes you think it’s more expensive than it is (although you may not really care). Even the monitor stand makes you think “expensive television”, which is something that Samsung are very good at!

Setting up the monitor was a very quick process and it has enough ports on it to keep most people happy. In my case, for this two minute review, I connected my Windows 8.1 desktop up via HDMI (I also tested my Mac Pro with a display port connection as well) and I was up and running in a few moments.

You may be thinking that for a 4K monitor the price tag means it’s not very good, but you would be wrong. The price is under £500 which is a lot less than other 4K monitors on the market, but it doesn’t scrimp on features or performance.

Picture quality wise I was very impressed. As its a 4K monitor, it can produce up to 1.07 billion colours and the image was very sharp and the colours looks amazing. It also has PIP (picture in picture) if you want to use that.

One thing I wasn’t especially keen on was the angles I could adjust the monitor – basically I could tilt the monitor, and that’s it. For most people that will be fine though.

In terms of gaming, to get the most out of the monitor you will need a decent graphics card, and also games that support 4K, of which there are very little at the moment, although I don’t think that will be long before that changes, and besides, even games that are not running in 4K look spectacular!

So, for a £479 price tag, the Samsung UD590 monitor is a great way to get in on 4K gaming, and even looking at pictures and watching movies make this monitor well worth the money.


To learn more, visit the Samsung website.

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