cZeus is a new challenging and rewarding brain training game that successfully increases numeracy skills through entertaining play. The app is free to download for Android and also iOS , the game helps improve memory, logic and attention skills whilst building numeracy confidence through challenging interactive puzzle play.


cZeus encourages players to use their basic arithmetic skills to fill on-screen grids with numbers using four simple rules to progress to the next level. The game doesn’t require advanced ability in maths to play; a tutorial helps guide players through the early stages with clear step-by-step instructions. The puzzle game gradually increases in difficulty as the player improves, but clues are provided along the way. It might appear tough, but the game is hugely rewarding, and a great all round brain trainer for anyone who wants to brush up on their core maths, logic and attention skills and for those who want more confidence tackling everyday maths problems.

czeus 3

Dr Shohreh Blank, creator of cZeus, believes that, like the body, the brain should be trained and exercised on a regular basis. Dr Blank feels that modern technology such as calculators and mobile phones have had a detrimental effect on mental arithmetic and have promoted a certain laziness. cZeus was designed to help people feel more confident with their numeracy skills, and maintain these skills through playing the game.

We see today many adults with poor numeracy skills in the western world (worse than some developing countries) and it is no surprise to see our children are also relying on technology to complete basic sums. This is partly because of our cultural attitude towards maths, but mainly due to lack of practice.

Using the cZeus App can change that. It builds confidence and improves numeracy, through a fun and engaging puzzle. We have added some exciting graphics and Greek mythology to further relax the player whilst learning. I would like to see this barrier towards maths come down – it’s cool to play with numbers and it’s just smart to be confident with your numeracy.”

czeus 2

cZeus App has two modes, sprint or marathon providing different challenges to the player. To guide players through the game there are tips on the website with a suite of videos on its rules and how to solve cZeus puzzles more information can be found at