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Volume Coming to EGX This Month


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Volume is the new title from the creator of the critically acclaimed Thomas Was Alone that will deliver a unique take on the stealth genre, which was shown at the years E3 Sony Conference. Volume is scheduled for release on PlayStation 4, PS Vita, PC and Mac in 2015.

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Volume is a game about being HEARD and will be making all the right noises at EGX – Earl’s Court, 25-28 September.

Set in the near future, Volume is a reimaging of the classic Robin Hood saga, starring Charlie McDonnell as Locksley, while Danny Wallace gives voice to the AI that aids the Errol Flynn wannabe throughout the game.

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Locksely’s no killer, instead relying on stealth to commit his crimes. He sneaks, he distracts, he avoids. If he is seen or heard, it’s because he wanted to be, crowd-controlling enemies to get to the targets he wants.

Why Volume?

Locksley commits his crimes in a virtual environment, showing the country how to rob from the rich and keep for themselves. Raising your volume is as important as making it through the game’s environments.

Volume will release with 100 challenging and exciting levels, but also provide access to the same level design tools used by the development team, allowing the community to remix existing environments or create their own to share with others.

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