NewsFirst Look: Hex: Shards of Fate

First Look: Hex: Shards of Fate


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First things first. If you haven’t checked out Hex’s phenomenally successful Kickstater page then check it out now here. Apart from anything you can watch the best trailer for a game ever. For those who don’t know, Hex is a digital trading card game with MMO elements. With the hit and miss entries from Magic the Gathering in the video game world I’d say there’s a huge gap for a great TCG. That game is without doubt Hex: Shards of Fate.Game_Screen_1

I played Hex as fast as possible to see as much as I could in my given time. And even after only 30 minutes or so I needed prising out of my chair. This game is going to take up way too much of my time. So you start with a random hand from your deck with limited options to change your hand. You get shards which essentially act as mana and get added to your pool. Different cards cost different amounts and when you have enough shards you can play the card. So with the basics covered everything seems familiar for a TCG.

But just looking through my starting hand it instantly became very clear that Hex is like nothing we’ve seen, especially as far as digital TCG’s go. Each ability and description had me more interested than the last. The cards in Hex are limited only by the creativity of the team making them. Which means there are no limits for Hex. It’s a new game with entirely new and unique cards made specially for the game.

It was so refreshing not to repeatedly read the same three attributes over and over again. Each ability had my mind spinning with the possibilities it could create both for playing games and deck building. I can’t remember the last time I saw artwork both this original and just plain awesome at the same time. The cards look beautiful and I’m so looking forward to browsing through and seeing them all.


Which is going to be difficult because there are already hundreds and hundreds of cards in Hex and there are loads more on the way. In fact the guys working on Hex have 15 designers working fulltime on cards alone. And that’s an amazing amount. Rest assured there will be enough cards in Hex.

Plus because they’re digital each card has its own stats which can be seen on the ‘double back’. So each of your creatures becomes truly individual. And you can also equip cards with different items you find on your travels. So even if somehow there aren’t enough cards for you in Hex you can change them up quite significantly with a whole roster of equipable loot. Everybody loves loot and why shouldn’t we have equipment in a TCG? It’s a great idea and from what little we’ve seen this is really going to open up the game to some interesting cards.

And just to make sure Hex is something extra special it’s an MMO too. So there’ll be PvE, PvP and the ability to trade and be part of a community. For all of us that have become disillusioned with the Magic franchise. For all of us who can’t go out and be part of a trading community in the real world – or can’t afford it. And for those who just want a genuinely new TCG with great artwork and clever, interesting cards and gameplay Hex is going to be fantastic.


Hex is also free to play so everyone can get stuck in. Don’t be put off though, Cory Jones (president for Cryptozoic Entertainment) himself says ‘I’d rather go broke than make some bulls**t free to play game’ and I believe him. The entire team is genuinely passionate about Hex. And they should be. It’s creative and genuinely new. The MMO features are unique in a TCG. The UI is slick and easy to learn. There are more cards than you could ever want. And it’s free to play! Hex: Shards of fate is going to be amazing and I can’t wait to play more.


Phill has been the director of a small IT repair business since 2011 which he runs alongside studying for his degree in Information and Communication Technologies at the Open University. Video games are his real passion and they take up more of his time than he'd like to admit.

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