GamingDynasty Warriors Gundam Reborn Out Now for PS3

Dynasty Warriors Gundam Reborn Out Now for PS3


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Tecmo Koei Europe today launched DYNASTY WARRIORS: GUNDAM Reborn on retailers across Europe and digitally through the PlayStation Network exclusively for the PlayStation 3. The game takes the Gundam metaseries to a whole new level of futuristic action with the largest number of missions and roster of playable Mobile Suits in any Gundam video game to date. The game utilizes the Dynasty Warriors game engine to express the frenetic action of Gundam warfare.


Players will experience the best moments from the Gundam series in its majestic glory as they play through 37 areas in the game’s Official Mode and more than 150 scenarios in Ultimate Mode, all taken straight from the Mobile Suit Gundam movies and animations, including Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn™ and Mobile Suit Gundam SEED. With over 100 different Mobile Suits playable, players will feel the immense thrill of piloting these powerful machines of war and pulverize hundreds of on-screen enemies in electrifying Dynasty Warriors gameplay style. Players will enter the battle fray either solo or with a friend in either local or online co-op play to experience the Gundam excitement.


As the Mobile Suits engage in intense warfare across land, sea, air and space, players will be able to utilize the “Burst System” mechanic to activate a powered up form of their chosen Mobile Suit and combine with another Mobile Suit to unleash maximum damage and destruction upon the relentless waves of enemy units.


Visual enhancements bring the battle rampage to new heights with more brilliant graphics and lighting effects that will reflect a vivid, war-torn Gundam galaxy.

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