GamingWar Thunder Out Now on the PS4

War Thunder Out Now on the PS4


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Gaijin Entertainment has announce today that MMO game War Thunder is now available for PlayStation 4 and available for download at no extra cost via the PlayStationNetwork (PSN).


This cross-platform, free-to-play, massively multiplayer military gamecombines unparalleled gameplay, immersive action and stunning graphics to bring fans an explosive World War II battles experience like never before. Players will fight their way across air and ground with access to over 400 of historically accurate planes and armored vehicles. Fans can expect hundreds more added as Gaijin Entertainment commits to ongoing development via regular updates.

One of the outstanding features of War Thunder on PS4 is cross-platform multiplayer with existing PC and Mac OS users of this title. The players can even form squads (up to 4 people) and fight together with their friends regardless of the platform or complete single scenarios in co-op. Recent Ground Forces expansion, which adds player-controlled tanks and anti-air self-propelled guns to the game, is also included from the start.


When speaking about the new release, CEO of Gaijin Entertainment Anton Yudintsev commented, “Our daily efforts have been recognized by the community and help to explain why War Thunder has an audience of more than 7 million players battling to be top gun on our PC version, and now out in North American PS4 owners to join the fight! PlayStation 4 has allowed us to create a very beautiful game, which is looking on par with most powerful computers. Also, the PlayStation Camera is a very handy device for a flight combat game – it makes head-tracking possible, which is invaluable in frantic dogfights.”

PS4 fans also have the option to purchase the exclusive “Invader” content pack that includes US attack plane A-26C-45 Invader, along with great gameplay bonuses. Every console player will receive a unique decal for their vehicles and additionally PlayStationPlus subscribers will also have the chance to earn an further decal as well as the ability to purchase War Thunder’s premium account at a discount.


Finally, celebrating the game launch, Gaijin Entertainment will be offering all PlayStationPlus subscribers a free plane – the P-36A “Hawk” fighter of lieutenant Philip M. Rasmussen, one of the few American pilots who managed to take off to protect Pearl Harbor from furious attacks of Japanese planes. This gift will become available later this June.

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