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Review : Microsoft Wireless Mobile 1850 Mouse


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Microsoft recently unveiled the latest in its line of Wireless Mouse hardware, the Wireless Mouse 1850 – and here is our review.

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Having undergone extensive testing to ensure optimal usability, quality and comfort, the Wireless Mouse 1850 uniquely matches function with fashion, and is available in four standout colours including Flame Red, Orchid Pink, Pantone Purple and Coal Black.

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Featuring a built-in USB receiver, the Wireless Mouse 1850 uses 2.4Ghz wireless technology to deliver a reliable wireless connection with a range of up to 5 metres. With all of this weighing in at just 90 grams, the Wireless Mouse 1850 is the perfect accompaniment for a modern, mobile lifestyle.

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Everything you need to get going is included in the small box – the mouse, a AA battery and the wireless dongle (which can also be stored inside the mouse).

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Final Thoughts

The Mobile 1850 Mouse is quite small, meaning that it should be comfortable for most people to use. It is also very light so you can easily carry it around in a bag or even in your pocket without really noticing that it’s there.

Setting up the mouse was as simple as just plugging in the wireless dongle into my machine, flick the on/off switch on the underside of the mouse and Windows 8 did all the rest and I was up and running in under a minute.

The wireless dongle is nice and small, and can be stored inside the mouse when not in use – just make sure you don’t lose it!

Unlike some of the more expensive Microsoft mice, the 1850 just has a left button, a right button and a scroll wheel.

The 1850 is the perfect combination of size, weight, comfort and price for a mouse that you want to be portable with. You can use it wherever you like – although if you want to play games with it I would recommend looking at a different mouse as it’s not really designed for that, although it does work. Overall I found the 1850 to be very responsive and worked well on a variety of surfaces.

So if you need an inexpensive wireless mouse, look no further than the 1850!

The Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 1850 is available now for £16.99.


You can learn more from the Microsoft website.

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  1. i had a few of those mouses and after a few months they start making double clicks for no reason. i play many click games and thats what is most popular and mouse buttons are used alot with games on facebook that require u to keep clicking. this mouse is often sold around 10$ us now and that must be the reason. they work ok but not very durable. another problem is that it is small and not good when you have big hands. makes it a bit difficult to use. i dont agree with you saying it is good for anyone even if its small. i guess you did not use it for a long time and have small hands to give it such a good review. it is a cheap mouse and works like it. dont expect too much of it. you get what you pay for.

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