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Review: Agent P and Phineas Toy Set for Disney Infinity


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The new Toy Box Pack features the characters of Phineas and Agent P from Disney Channel’s animated series “Phineas and Ferb.”  (Ferb is Missing In Action from Disney Infinity), most likely because he doesn’t say a whole lot on the show.


With Agent P’s having his signature move is sending his fedora flying while Phineas features a baseball blaster and tuck n’ roll moves.

DSCF6027 DSCF6025

The last pack Disney infinity pack, with a suggested retail price of £24.99/$29.99, also comes with two hexagonal power discs that transform Toy Box mode into the “Tri-State Area Terrain” and “Danville Sky” from the world of “Phineas and Ferb.”  Though this add-on doesn’t include a full play set, each of the two characters has their own mini adventures and Agent P’s is arguably the best one released yet.

While Phineas’ individual adventure is set inside a giant pinball machine rather forgettable.  Which is called Phineas Pinball Mania, it’s a giant pinball table and Phineas has to keep the ball moving and enemies at bay with his Creative-Toys but can you keep the robots away from the finish line for more than 3 Minutes to get the Gold in the game.

agent P and Phineas side scroller

But Agent P’s mini adventure game is inspired by video games of the past, offering high-speed overhead driving, a side-scrolling platformer, an obstacle-dodging third-person mini-game, and a bit of hang gliding in order to finally demolish Dr. Doofenshmirtz’ Infinity-inator.  It’s a blast from the past when you play this mini games and worth purchasing Agent P just to enjoy this mini adventure in the game.

If you are after the Lightsaber in the game it can be used as a weapon in the Toy Box of Disney INFINITY. It is unlocked when all of the figures in the Hall of Heroes are at least level 1, meaning there is a statue is on each pedestal. A cinematic will play of the Lightsaber rising out of the center and waving around. After you leave the Hall of Heroes, you can equip it.

Reviewed on Xbox 360. Also available on PlayStation 3, PC and Wii U and Wii.


+ Value for money for what the new figures add to the Disney Infinity
+ Agent P has the best Mini Adventures from any of the figures so far
+ Good fun
- Not the best Phineas mini adventure
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Review: Agent P and Phineas Toy Set for Disney Infinity+ Value for money for what the new figures add to the Disney Infinity<br /> + Agent P has the best Mini Adventures from any of the figures so far<br /> + Good fun<br /> - Not the best Phineas mini adventure<br />