GamingReview: Dead Rising 3: The Last Agent DLC

Review: Dead Rising 3: The Last Agent DLC


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Episode 4 of the Untold Stories of Los Perdidos is out and its the final chapter.


Playing as the dedicated ZDC Agent, Brad Park must discover what actually went on behind the outbreak even if it undoes everything he fights for. This episode crosses over once again with Nick’s story arc from the main campaign with a couple of familiar faces throughout. I hoped that this final DLC offered a lot more seeing as every episode leading up to this got better and better but it didn’t, in fact it digressed.

What The Last Agent offers you is the opportunity to play with a generic boring lead character that’s doing tasks that isn’t unique in any way shape or form. I’m starting to think that these episodes were released primarily to give us new weapons, combos and vehicle blue prints because that’s the only thing that seems to be the most enjoyable aspect of the DLC. Brad’s only mission is to be errand boy for the local hospital gathering helpful items like Zombrex and that’s about it. The variety comes from introducing civilians that need saving, just like in the main campaign, and some cool new toys which I’ll touch upon later. What I loved about the previous episode was the introduction of bosses in the episodes which mixed up the pacing of combat making you have to dodge quite a few attacks and actually take care of your health bar as they weren’t too easy to defeat. Brad will sail through this episode easily due to the lack of bosses and weapons that’ll tear through hordes of zombies like a knife through butter, a real shame.

The most annoying thing other than the fetching quests is trying to do the fetching quests with almost every route on the roads now being blocked and you having to find alternatives. Yes, it does feel like these missions were last minute after thoughts and to make the content last an hour roadblocks were added so it’ll last longer getting around them. To be fair it didn’t feel like a challenge but more a chore and that’s something we certainly stay away from when trying to enjoy video games.

This episode offers weapons with high splash damage and area of effect properties that range from setting groups of zombies on fire with a single flaming projectile, think of a flaming catapult, to the most devastating single fire rail gun which disintegrates enemies. The police van you unlock towards the end focuses on freezing enemies by either firing a cluster of nitrogen grenades from it’s top canon or close range blasts from the pipes on the side. My favourite weapon does however go to the portable turbine, which very rarely kills anything, blowing any enemy, vehicle or debris out of the way. Perfect for clearing out paths and looking cool whilst doing so. It however doesn’t justify the cost of the pack and isn’t the saving grace.

I have to admit that the season pass with all the episodes kept me engaged with promises to keep Dead Rising 3 fresh and new, which it did at times, but sadly in regards to interesting story only half was fun to be a part of. The season pass was really just good for the new weapons and vehicles which isn’t enough to justify the overall price.


Available now on Xbox One.
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Available now on Xbox One.Review: Dead Rising 3: The Last Agent DLC