GamingDisney Infinity lands on the PC via Virtual Store

Disney Infinity lands on the PC via Virtual Store


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Disney has now released a PC version of Disney Infinity which offers the full access to the Play Sets as well as the Toy Box mode in the game. With the past PC game only supported the Toy Box play mode, like the same idea as the iPad app.

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But now players can purchase Play sets and the Disney Infinity figures via the virtual store to access all the features you get on the console version of the game.

Players who download the game for the first time for free on PC will receive 85 starter toys, a playable Mr. Incredible character, one pre-made Adventure and three Mastery Tutorials. All players will have access to Disney services and user-generated content with a Disney ID, such as the weekly Toy Box Challenge winners featuring unique themed-worlds created by the Disney Infinity community.

Disney infinity PC 1

If you have already have physical figures and Play Sets then can use the related code to access to content for free on the PC. But for those that don’t have it on console though, these virtual versions of figures, play sets and power discs offer some great value. The full collection of Play Sets can now be purchased on PC for just £49.95/$74.99, much less than it would cost to purchase on console.

Disney infinity PC 4


This also grants collectors access to those hard to find Crystal figures in some of the bundles, as well as offer a simple way to buy everything in one go and know you have the complete experience.

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Lets see how sales of this Disney Infinity for the PC version go will people like to use a virtual toys or physical toys to play the game. You can download all the power discs you need as well so no more doubles of the same power discs.

Will the gamers prefer to use the content without the toys at a greatly reduced price or will they stick with the collect of the physical figure on the shelf.

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