GamingHave a glimpse into the "Edge of the Mists"...

Have a glimpse into the “Edge of the Mists” for Guild Wars


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NCSOFT and ArenaNet from the Guild Wars franchise, has released a video trailer that introduces players to the “Edge of the Mists”, a brand-new realm that has remained undiscovered, and until now untainted by the evil machinations of arch-villain Scarlet Briar.


In the eerie “Edge of the Mists” preview video, the camera glides over the complex of floating islands that make up this new map, revealing the variety of terrain and landscapes players will encounter with the next release arriving Tuesday 4th February.


Dense cloud forests, icy mountains and crumbling temples provide players with a challenging new terrain to battle over.  As the video reveals, the players won’t be the only ones battling for control of this new realm.

The Aetherblades; dreaded sky pirates of Tyria; have also discovered the “Edge of the Mists”. Minions of Scarlet, the Aetherblades have descended from their airships.  Although their true aims in this virgin territory of Tyria remain unknown, what’s certain is that they’re ready to take on any newcomers.

Chris Hare
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