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Cat Story is out now for Android on Google Play


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Game Insight has announced the release of a rollicking new chapter in city building games: Cat Story for Android. The game was previously released for iOS devices and is now available for download on Google Play.


Cat Story begins with a shipwreck on the high seas that strands its cast—a troupe of furry and funny cat characters—on the coast of a mysterious island. These feline heroes must reveal the secrets of the island by rescuing their lost friends and building new relationships with the inhabitants of this brave new world.

Cat Story is a colorful strategy game that offers engrossing gameplay and a deep story. In the game, players must build a prosperous settlement on the tropical island while conquering dozens of interesting quests in the company of friendly characters. Players will also discover an entire archipelago of islands, each with its own secrets, while seeking hidden treasures on a fully interactive map, discovering new technologies, collecting valuable resources, and constructing dozens of unique buildings. Download Cat Story for Android now and experience this fun and light-hearted new take on city building games!

Chris Hare
Chris Hare
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